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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mutt Monday Prepares for Spring

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Prepare for Spring? What's she talking about? Okay, maybe it's a lame topic, but think a bit longer and you'll begin to follow me. If you live in a cooler climate than Florida, your home has probably been closed up for the entire Winter. It's time for a good Spring cleaning and airing out of everything, including Fido's beds and toys.

Here's a few quick tips, but other topics can be linked up by bloggers here. Dig deep and locate those you'd like to share along this line, or just include your most recent post. Anything goes here on Mutt Monday, although we do offer a theme for archived posts that are linked up.

Fido's Spring Cleaning List:

  • Remove and wash bed covers in hot water, repeating frequently throughout the flea season.
  • Air out bedding cushions and padding on a fresh, breezy day, for best results.
  • For non-washable bedding, sprinkle cushions with baking soda, brushing in well. Allow to sit in the sun and vacuum later for a fresher bed.
  • When zipping the bed cover over the cushion, you can help repel and demolish fleas by sprinkling some Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth inside. This product acts like shards of glass to fleas, taking them out when they crawl through the fabric to hide out inside Fido's bed.
  • Get ahead of the flea season flare up by sprinkling this DE powder in corners, under bedding, and dusting your light-colored dogs with it for a great way to prevent infestations.
  • Treat your yard with a flea preventative BEFORE the fleas begin to start their Spring families. DE power can be used to dust your yard, and other methods include peppermint oil and clove products. Be aware that botanical oils should not be placed on your pet's skin in full strength. 
  • When the risk of freeze is past in your area, wash and store all Fido's sweaters in ziplocks or old suitcases (much greener!) to prevent them from becoming dust bunnies throughout the warmer seasons.
  • Are your dog's toys as gross as Tanner's? Yuck. Time for a group bath (sounds risque, right?!!!) or at least a good tumble in your dryer to remove dust and other loose soil. Look for tears and other damage that you may have missed--openings to dangerous ingestion of stuffing material. Repair or discard damaged toys to safeguard your dog.

I'd love to hear your ideas on preparing for Spring with your pups. Please share in the comments area and feel free to offer us some advice. We can all learn from you!

Next week's topic, for great outdoor reading on beautiful Spring days, is:
Dog Book Reviews or Giveaways
I'm happy to see more and more of these types of posts and look forward to reading up on what our bloggers share here. See you next week!

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Dawn said...

No sign of spring here yet. We're supposed to get another foot of snow in the next day or two! Come spring, I will be working more consistently on Pierson's dog aggression.

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