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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mutt Monday's New Years Goals

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

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What are your plans for Fido this year? Better training? More exercise? Perhaps you'd like to socialize him more. There are so many things we want to do with and for our pups that sometimes their 'To Do' list can get overwhelming. Putting it in writing can help you prioritize your ideas.

Some of my past years' lists have included all sorts of fun things like agility classes, Rally, CGC training, Meet Up Groups and more. The list is endless, so take your time and keep your goals small--achievable is good.

Today's Mutt Monday is an opportunity for pet bloggers to share their posts that are relative to New Years resolutions, goals, and bucket lists for our dogs. While we take any linkups that are pet related here, today we're looking for ways to help our readers with their plans for their 2013 dog days.

Next week's theme for Mutt Monday will be 
Strategies for Clean Paws in Snow and Rain

Whether you've got products or ideas for keeping your floors and carpets clean, we want to hear them. We all go through seasons when our dogs are constantly coming inside with messy, wet, muddy feet. Your tips will be welcome here on Monday, January 14. Happy tails,


Anonymous said...

For Schooner to have him lose some weight and to get him back in agility.
Skipper was a rescue and abused as a puppy needs more socialization with people and strange dogs. Needs to be able able to go to Petsmart or other places without wanting to go back to the car. Skipper gets very skittish outside his environment. Skipper has been a work in progress.

Sharon Gilbert -

evie said...

i have 3 min. schnauzers, which get so messy w/ mud and snow. i had some hospital gloves, so i would knot the fingers several times, which gave a bottom to the feet, then i put their feet in them as high up as i could and tape them on. i also keep a box of baby wipes and towels at the door. if they got into the snow, i would have to blow dry the snow clumps off so they would not catch a cold or get water everywhere.

Joe S. said...

I just posted a great article about Dog and cars on my blog. I hope you like it.

GizmoGeodog said...

My first goals for Gizmo this year are evidenced by the two challenges I've joined...The first, the 30/30 challenge is to get him more exercise on a daily basis...that one is good for both of us...The second one, the Train Your Dog challenge is where I'm working on getting him comfortable with being groomed, with the ultimate goal of having him enjoy the experience. That one I'm working on by incorporating short grooming sessions throughout the day...I've experimented with different grooming tools & found one that he really enjoys.

Jules said...

I resolve to stay on top of The Smooshie's grooming and bathes. He needs them pretty regularly for allergies. Cute blog!

Jules of Canines & Couture

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