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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dull Coat? You Need Arenus Coat Plus

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Chlorine Tough on Tanner's Coat

If you've been reading this blog you probably already know I have a swimming, fetching maniac. His name is Tanner. Just about every day, year round, he takes up his spot at the pool door and stares imploringly out at his favorite place--HIS POOL!  What's a pet mom to do? Let him swim, of course!

Tanner swims so often that the chlorine is tough on his coat. I consulted with his veterinarian early in his swimming career, and she recommended a daily supplement of essential fatty acids. Over the years, I still noticed a slight dulling of Tanner's coat.

When I revisited this issue with our new vet, he agreed that a more aggressive approach was in order. In addition to a rich, nourishing conditioner to be used regularly, he firmly suggested adding an advanced supplement with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, DHA, and EPA, to help support Tanner's healthier skin and coat.  A few brands were mentioned and we quickly landed with our sponsor, Arenus, after reading up on their product called Coat Plus which supplies a total of 1000 mg of EFAs per capsule, in the large breed supplement, allowing you to titrate his dose according to his size. Instructions are included :) A small breed version is also available for your dogs under 40 lbs. One last, but important detail to the nutritional value, is the vitamin E that is added to complete the balance, as recommended by many pet nutritionists.

Tanner's Daily Duty

Healthy Noshing

Speaking of the T (treat) word, did I mention that Coat Plus is beef flavored? I don't have to bury the soft-gel capsules in fattening stuff like cheese or peanut butter to get him to eat it. Between you and me, if I left the bottle open and unattended, Tanner would probably devour it. Not only does it smell good, but he tells me with his behavior that it tastes good as well. It's always nice to have an easy delivery mechanism for our pet's medicines and nutritional supplements. 

We started this supplement in Spring and quickly noticed an improvement. With Summer swimming time increased, he has still managed to maintain a shinier, healthier coat. Without any dry, itchy problems, I believe Tanner's skin and coat are as healthy as they can be for a dog who couldn't live without a daily swim. I soon found myself ordering more product and will continue to include this in Tanner's breakfast dish as a treat to his diet and his coat.

courtesy Arenus

Arenus is a company that has built a solid reputation for good nutrition in both the equine and canine areas, as well as other pets. We have reviewed their Mellow Out product in a homeopathic line of remedies for various issues, as well as their Canine Steadfast, a product that combines both bone, cartilage and soft tissue support. For highly active dogs, this is a very important addition to their nutrition, as well as for seniors who need extra help to prevent joint issues.

You can learn more about the Arenus Pet Products here:

Where can you buy Coat Plus?

  • Arenus sells this product online, as well as their whole line of pet supplements
  • The Arenus Store Locator will assist you with finding brick and mortar locations near you.
  • Other online sources may be available.

  • Read up, get acquainted and I'll be back very soon with a giveaway so some of you can give Coat Plus a try like Tanner did. I'm so very glad we've discovered this wonderful source of nourishment for his beautiful blonde coat. Thanks Arenus!
    courtesy Arenus

    Important Note: If your pet is on medication for any other health conditions, you should consult with your veterinarian before adding a supplement to his diet. 

    I was supplied with some Coat Plus to try on Tanner. This review includes my experiences and the thoughts are my own. We were not compensated to review this product or share our experiences. I have purchased additional supplies of Coat Plus due to the excellent results with Tanner's coat.


    Dawn said...

    Sounds great! Maya usually has a nice soft coat. But she recently had a couple of opportunities to swim in a chlorinated pool and so now her coat is dry. I will check this stuff out!

    Unknown said...

    Oh I’ve heard “Arenus” and in fact Beeble (my dog) take this as well and I must say we have the same result. Great post!

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