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Monday, August 13, 2012

#BarktoSchool Pets Safe & Sound in Class

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
#BarktoSchool Grand Prize 

I'm so excited to report the results of the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party that I'm not going to bed until it's ready. What a whirlwind of fun. Our sponsors shared lots of great information that we passed along to party guests, making for a wonderful blend of chat about nutrition and training, along with issues that occur when the family heads back to school leaving the pups at home.  Many interested guests RT'd our blogger buddy @PeggyFrezon, and we shared a good deal of info about her books and blog.

Thanks to Nature's Logic and Walk in Sync for bringing the #BarktoSchool theme to life, as well as to Peggy Frezon for joining us as a sponsored sponsor. LOL! All Things Dog Blog's partnership with Paris of, Event Barkers, has enjoyed bringing you these fun-filled events.  Are they fast enough for you?

Books from Peggy Frezon and all sorts of goodies from the Event Barkers team, and were also given away, making for a bunch of happy Twitterers.

That prize photo up there is our grand prize. I'm sure the winner is soaking in glory right now, as that package is worth a whopping $276! Talk about a happy dog :)

The winners at the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party are:

  1. PreTweet Prize: @DanielleMurgia
  2. Rafflecopter Prize: @Wahwithjl (any idea how to pronounce this one?)
  3. RSVP drawing: @Arniebelle
  4. @GlimmeringGator
  5. @SharonGilbert6
  6. @LizTicona
  7. @CharlotteCrame3
  8. @TheTatooedType
  9. @Tarheelmd07
  10. Grand Prize Winner: @YorkieMomma
Needless to say, this Grand Prize winner is a happy to go back to school :)  With all the training and good nutrition supplies, he'll be in great shape for learning whatever it is that's on the lesson plan.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the party, as well as the pre-party events. I believe you guys gave Rafflecopter a run for their money with your efforts there. did its job and delivered a Twitter handle with an unpronouncable name. Thank goodness they also collect email addresses for contact!

If you've got a blog, I invite you to continue to scroll down and enter your latest post(s) on our Mutt Monday blog hop, an anything goes pet hop to show off your latest. Thanks again!


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