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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soggy Doggy Rugs and Shammies

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Tanner Poses with Our Prizes
The idea of a rug review did not exactly thrill me until I got a chance to feel the oh-so-soft little fingers of microfiber chenille on the Soggy Doggy. So much for my tentative attitude! I was sold. Now let's see what Tanner and Oliver think.
Don't Interrupt My Nap!

The classic dog bone designs are sure to bring a smile to most any dog lover, but what's even better is the way your pet will hunker down on this baby. Oliver has made a daily habit of napping on the Soggy Doggy while we evaluated it in my office, despite his bed being nearby. It is very soft; I can't blame him. You could easily use one of these in a dog crate, as long as your pup is not a chewer.

The Soggy Doggy Doormat folks also make a cool Shammy with "handles" so you can dry off your furry friend when he comes in from the rain or swimming. Those little fluffy fingers absorb moisture like crazy, so you'll find you can do an extremely good job of getting all the water out of his coat with the shammy. 
© Soggy Doggy
Dry Off Fido Inside: Quick & Easy

If you have a swimmer like Tanner, you know that even after you dry your dog off, he's going to still have a wet coat that he will enjoy rolling all over your floor and possibly your furniture. The shammy soaks up more of this moisture than a typical towel, so give him another rub down when you come inside, and he'll leave less of his leftover water behind on your carpets.

Want to protect the back of your car on a budget? The Soggy Doggy will soak up water from those paws and keep him from leaving muddy footprints on your seats or cargo area. Fido will be drying off all the way home from his play date at the lake or dog park. Later, you can toss it in the washer for a quick cleanup. This product has so many uses that I can't imagine a dog lover without one!

© Soggy Doggy
The Slopmat for Feeding Areas

  • Rug
  • Drip dry area
  • Crate liner
  • Car seat cover
  • Auto cargo area protector
  • Wet dog shammy
  • Small "slopmat" is a great placemat for bowls that will soak up spills quickly
Want to learn more? Check them out at Facebook and on Twitter where you can ask questions and see what others have commented about. 
Oliver Claims His Spot

Where can you buy a Soggy Doggy?
  • Soggy Doggy online is perfect. They are offering AllThingsDogBlog readers 15% off with the coupon code "AllThing15" at checkout. Enjoy!
  • Amazon also carries lots of their products at this link.
  • Lots of major retailers and online retailers as well :)

Watch for a giveaway of the Soggy Doggy coming soon. Meanwhile, you may want to check out their site. How many colors does the Soggy Doggy come in? What sizes are available? Enjoy exploring their products and I'll see you soon with a giveaway that's worth your while. Happy tails!

The Soggy Doggy doormat was provided as a review sample. I was not paid to review it, nor am I being compensated to run a giveaway of a few of their products. No purchase is required to enter.


Kat E. @kitti_katya said...

Those are really cute! Off to check out their site ;)

Jen said...

Oh wow, those look cute and sound great! I'm looking forward to the giveaway ;)

Dawn said...

Cool! My Labrador Maya could really use it. She loves to play in water.

Colby said...

That slopmat looks great for my Labs. Most of the water they drink ends up on the floor and not in their mouth.

John said...

These are the cutest rugs I've seen for a while. Any dog would love to claim their spot there :)

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