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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Giving Woof and Meow their Space

guest post by Maria Godfrey
© courtesy Pets at Home
Privacy for Meow in Her Own Space

As we all know, dogs are a man's best friend, but we do of course have other best friends - like cats, rabbits and for some of us - goldfish. Unfortunately, not all of these friends get along themselves, particularly when housed under one roof, and that's where clever family management comes in!

Just as you'd home arguing youngsters in different bedrooms, it's often wise to provide some segregation. Using cat flaps from Pets at Home, you can provide your cat with a space of their own - a doggy free sanctuary where they  can sleep, play and meow to their heart's content, all without disturbance from the family's other furry friend or friend(s). 

By picking out a cat flap that is just small enough for kitty to get through and is operated by a magnet or microchip on the collar around their neck, they can be pampered in an exclusive pussy parlour of their own. Set up their eating and sleeping area here to avoid conflict during meals or nap times, and make sure there are plenty of toys around to hold their attention.

This arrangement benefits your pooch too - they don't have to share their space with unwelcome guests, they don't need to guard their toys, and most importantly when you are around, they don't have to share their attention. Try and ensure their space equally remains a cat-free area, so that they can munch their lunch, wag their tail and play without being distracted.
A Rare Moment
for Patches and Oliver

Of course, we should always remember that not all canines and felines are at war, so while it's nice to give them their own space in case of problems, it can be useful for them to spend some time socializing around each other in order to ultimately realize they are all part of the same family.

The guest post above was provided by Pets at Home, a pet supplier in the U.K, providing online and brick and mortar locations.


Dawn said...

The cat flap is also a great way to keep the litter box out of the dog's reach so that they don't get into the "kitty chocolate" stash.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

LOL--that's why we created our kitty space. One dog seemed to enjoy exploring the gold mine in the litter box so we decided to create a room that only Patches could enter. Now she can eat in peace without a drooling dog watching her. I imagine that is a bit disconcerting, even if they don't try to steal her food.

Four Paw Savings said...

We don't have a dog, but my husband wants one as soon as we buy a house. I keep thinking of our three cats, and how that situation may not work so well. A cat flap may be on that list of things to buy right after the mortgage begins! (stopping in from the blog hop)

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