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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pet Auto Safety Means
No Loose Dogs Up Front!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Oliver in Crash-Tested Seat Belt

Years ago I saw a woman nearly hit another car when she veered into another lane as her large dog bounded onto her lap to get a better look at the neighborhood passing him by. It's a common sight to see small dogs on owners laps hanging out of the window; even Oliver could manage to make my driving less safe than I feel comfortable with. That scene from Marley and Me resonates. I have a strict rule about no loose dogs up front, and after a good laugh, you'll probably understand why. Enjoy this clip from one of the hottest pet movies ever:

Tanner is a Clown on Easter Sunday!
Tanner and Oliver regularly visit our local doggie daycare for play days where they enjoy all day free play. Often other owners comment on my industrial strength seatbelt harnesses,that secure the boys in the back seat and assure that I don't have an accident while trying to drive with one (or even two!) dogs attempting to join me in the front.

I've written about these wonderful crash-tested dog seatbelts before, so today I'd like to introduce you to some other options for keeping your dog out of range of your safe driving, each offered by my sponsor, Pet Auto Safety. Owner Dawn is a plethora of knowledge on options for keeping your dog out of troublesome situations. 
Oliver's Car Seat

When Oliver was a youngster, riding in the back seat was simply not an option for him yet. He needed me. As heartwarming as that may sound, it wasn't safe. Dawn suited me up with a perfect little car seat that did not engage the passenger side airbags, thereby allowing Oliver to ride alongside me, while seat-belted into his comfy seat. He still uses this for errands and local outings. I think he enjoys having Tanner know he's got dibs on the front seat :) 

Check Out My Hardware!
Now that Oliver is a full-fledged adult, he enjoys riding with Tanner and being a 'big guy', when we take longer drives. Oliver is now outfitted with a crash-tested seat belt like Tanner's (but way, way, way smaller!) and the two are quite a sight in the back of my Prius. They definitely know that the car means adventure, even if it is just to the bank drive through where dog treats always arrive in the returned tube. What's not to love about that?!!

See Thru Safety for You and Fido
Now let's look at some other ways to keep you and Fido safely separated while you drive. Front seat barriers used to only be found in police vehicles. Fortunately the pet industry has wised up and many are now available to keep your dog in the back seat. The Pet Net Car Safety Barrier is an inexpensive way to keep your dogs in the back of the car, while also providing a barrier to prevent them from shooting through the front window in case of an accident. It is easy to install and provides great visibility, working well for both owner and Fido.
Outward Hound

Outward Hound also makes a front seat barrier that is lower, thereby making it better for medium to small dogs. Its most important job is to keep your pup from climbing onto the front console and into your lap; it requires a console to be used properly.

Pierson Models the Bergan
If barriers are a problem for you or your dog, there are other ways. Seatbelts like those Tanner and Oliver displayed above, are extremely safe, while allowing some movement. Somewhat less pricey versions like the car harnesses such as this Bergan model can also be used to seat belt your dog into a confined area of the back seat, allowing him some movement. Safety doesn't have to cost a fortune, and keep in mind that the vet bill after an accident will likely be much larger than the cost of preventing it. That's my tidbit of wisdom for today. Watch for a giveaway by Pet Auto Safety where you can win a barrier or seat belt harness for your dog. I call that FREE Pet Auto Safety! Check them out here:

While you're waiting on the giveaway to start tomorrow, drop in and get acquainted with Pet Auto Safety. I'll share a picture of Dawn and her pups tomorrow also. What a nice fido family! You'll find them on Facebook and Twitter

In fact, for those of you who prefer the 'sure thing' method of getting your dog's travel safety buttoned up, you can take advantage of's Discount Code: petsafeblogger, on orders at their website. This Discount Code saves you 10% and applies exclusively to  harnesses, all pet car barriers and car seats.

Full disclosure: Pet Auto Safety provided us with a seat belt to properly fit Oliver for crash-tested safety in the back of my car. I am highlighting this and some other products offered by this online pet safety supplier at no cost to them, and I have not been paid to provide my opinion or this review. No purchase is required to enter the giveaway that is coming soon.


Bassetmomma said...

What a great post on pet safety in the car. We always need to remember to keep our pets and us safe when driving!

Peggy Frezon said...

This is a great topic. You've explained the options so well. Kelly happily stays in the back seat, but I have been weighing options of getting her a harness and seat belt.

Martin Schiele said...

Great and unexpected topic.

About dog seatbelts -- do they do a different size/shape for every breed, or are they designed for rough sizes, or is it one-size-fits-all?

Kat E. @kitti_katya said...

Terrific post Carrie! I totally agree and shiver when I see loose dogs in other cars.

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