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Thursday, April 26, 2012

School's (Almost) Out for Summer:
Summer Kids Reading Giveaway

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© All Things Dog Blog
Oliver Loves to Be Read To
Does Your Dog?
It's time to start your plan. If you have children who enjoy reading, and love dogs, this is your chance to score some Summer reading material. Your kids definitely need to keep reading throughout the summer to maintain their level and build their enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

Today's giveaway intro includes dog stories that are written for kids reading at about the 2nd grade level. The titles are Shelter Dog Blues, Doggy Day Care, and The Puppy Place. There will be a continuing stream of kids' dog stories given out throughout the summer, so put the word out to your friends with children. I have a variety of levels and types of books available. Watch for more to come.

To Enter: Each of you must enter once by comment. You may all enter daily by Tweet. I'll check both and draw from all at Leave your comment below, telling me how you found this giveaway and who will get the books if you win. Your input will help me in planning future giveaways. 

Here's a sample Tweet to help you out:
#Kids books about dogs are being given away @AllThingsDog.
Look 4 the giveaway here at the "Giveaways" tab

Three winners will each win 3 copies. Entries may continue through Thursday, May 10. Winners will be announced on Friday, May 11. Thank you and good luck!


Julie said...

I found this giveaway by reading the allthingsdogblog newsletter and visiting the website. My niece and nephew will get these books if I win!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

How sweet of you "Aunt Julie"!

Misty said...

I found the giveaway by coming to the blog and I will read the books and then pass them on to any number of my little buddies.

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/195694730594615296

Nancy said...

Read about it on the blog.
They will be read around here and passed on to a multidude of little ones that run around here.

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/195695103124307968

Rick said...

I found it on the website. I will read them and then they will go on the book shelves for little visitors to read and take home with them.

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/195695065706934273

Anna Galanos said...

I found this from Doggies and Stuff and my nephew would get the books.


Anna Galanos said...!/annaisabanana08/status/195943508689960960

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/196053472171393024

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/196053447164968960

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/196053422779285505

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/196412533433831424

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/196412578631659521

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/196412617672245250

cstironkat said...

I follow you blog on twitter as @cstironkat and that is how I learned about the giveaway.

cstironkat said...

4/28 tweet!/cstironkat/status/196434801329324032

Ashley Clark said...

I love all things dog blog and have been following for a while... I think I orginally found them by doing a google search on dog giveaways. If I won this giveaway I would put the books in my classroom for all my students

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/196767720094703616

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/196767755020681216

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/196767819596185600

Anonymous said...

i found out about this giveaway through google and this will go to my niece

Catie said...

I am a blog subscriber. I would share this book with my nephews!

Anne N. said...

Found this giveaway by being a blog subscriber. My daughter would love these books.

Anne N. said...!/CA4muse/status/197060705382449152

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/197078714306138112

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/197078815883788288

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/197078772367892483

cstironkat said...

4/30 tweet!/cstironkat/status/197122253933133824

Carma Poodale said...

I found this on the All things Dog blog twitter post and newsletter. We would love to have these books to read to the children that we talk to about animals. I tweeted it-> #Kids books about dogs are being given away @AllThingsDog. These books would be gr8 to read to young kids that we talk to about animals

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/197494942409555969

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/197494983073341442

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/197494887493541889

cstironkat said...

4/2 tweet!/cstironkat/status/197813536704036864

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/197872723769311232

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/197872935111897089

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/197872855222980610

pmh said...

i found the giveaway on your blog. the great nephews will receive the books, along with lots of hugs from great aunt penny! penny hyde

pmh said...

tweeted: here is the link;!/pennymhyde/status/197906160811126784
penny hyde

Trish B. said...

I found out about this giveaway on Twitter. I would give any books I would win to my seven year old niece. She is having trouble reading and I think if she had books that were interesting to her, her reading skills would improve! Thank you!

Trish B. said...

Daily tweet:!/brumzoo/status/197961550038958080

Linda Meyers-Gabbard said...

I found this giveaway on your blog. I subscribe to your emails and come to your blog a couple times a week.
The books will be for my niece Stella

Linda Meyers-Gabbard said...

cstironkat said...

5/3 tweet!/cstironkat/status/198181922738941952

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/198225284141563906

Trish B. said...

Daily tweet!!/brumzoo/status/198227318685179904

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/198225327472910336

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/198225535648796672

Katie said...

Fido Freebie Friday which I found from reading the newsletter, the books would go to my aunt for her grandchildren(first i would read them to my dogs)

Katie said...


Shelley P said...

I found this giveaway by visiting your blog (but I also get your newsletter : ) The books would be for my niece.

Anna Galanos said...!/annaisabanana08/status/198528494416830467

cstironkat said...

5/4 May the 4th be with you tweet,!/cstironkat/status/198581333100986369

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/198595728468226048

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/198595537933578240

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/198595588537851907

Christina said...

I found this giveaway because I LOVE all things dog blog and read your posts regularly, if I win these books, like the others :), will go to my 1st grade classroom library. I'm sure some of my advanced readers will love them!

Christina said...!/croe321/status/198864652275433474

cstironkat said...

5/5 tweet!/cstironkat/status/198897140200775681

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/198945844660154370

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/198946197967343620

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/198946343773929474

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/199295107961327616

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/199295171857362944

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/199295216698654721

cstironkat said...

5/6 tweet!/cstironkat/status/199317030560743424

Trish B. said...

Daily tweet!!/brumzoo/status/199550611228864513

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/199661689011060737

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/199661743742521344

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/199661809723117569

cstironkat said...

5/7 tweet!/cstironkat/status/199662385944993792

Trish B. said...

Daily tweet!!/brumzoo/status/199919610173206530

cstironkat said...

5/8 tweet!/cstironkat/status/200006486976507905

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/200036978455089152

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/200036994406027264

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/200037012735131648

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/200399538127777792

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/200399565613047808

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/200399622684934144

Holly S. said...

I found the giveaway on Fido's Freebie Friday and the books will be for my daughter.

cstironkat said...

5/10 tweet!/cstironkat/status/200753132911861761

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/200781922861973506

Misty said...!/mdweitzel/status/200781922861973506

Rick said...!/rlweitzel/status/200781937592377347

Nancy said...!/njweitzel/status/200781955590139904

Connie Black said...

I found your giveaways through Twitter...been a long time follower!
epblack at zoominternet dot net

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