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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earthbath Review:
Our Earth Month Wrap Up

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Earthbath Time for Tanner
About 5 years ago when we abandoned traditional products in favor of more Eco-friendly and all-natural formulas, our choices were skimpy. Locating a shampoo that did not offend my allergies to floral scents was tough, but I soon fell upon our current favorite. 

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Earthbath was on sale when I wandered into a local pet specialty store in search of an organic dog food. Long story short, I left with a bag of Organix and 2 bottles of Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe. At long last I had a lightly-scented shampoo that I felt good about for my pack of three finicky Fidos. What did I love about Earthbath? It's biodegradable and soap-free, using coconut-based cleansers and natural preservatives. It contains no parabens, phosphates, pthalates, DEA, or synthetic colors.

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Clean Ears Too!
I believe that first bath with Earthbath was Xena's first one to go smoothly. She always fought the idea, and it generally took 2 of us to handle her cleanup. With a super thick coat, baths were no quick event for her, so we had to start well-prepared and be ready with plenty of towels. That day she finally resolved to just let it happen and stood still for the entire event, including a good foot soak. There's nothing like a pedicure for sore feet on an old girl :) I can't help but wonder if the new scent was less offensive to her than the groomer's floral version that always set my nose to running.

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Rinse Time
Thankfully, Tanner and Oliver have not followed in Xena's footsteps. They are easy to bathe, each stepping into the tub when asked and allowing the complete salon treatment to be completed without a fuss. Could it be the new product? I can't say for sure. But what I do know is that my nose doesn't run and my dogs seem to float through the process with ease. What's not to love about that?

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Daily Spa Treatment
5 Minutes of Deep Conditioning
Tanner, my Golden Retriever in these photos, is a regular swimmer. The chlorine is hard on his coat, so I work diligently to recondition it. I add coat supplements to his chow, thanks to Arenus, and add Flaxseed oil to his home-baked treats. In addition, I've discovered that Organic Shea Butter Conditioner by SheaPet works wonders to revitalize Tanner's coat. After each daily swim I rinse him thoroughly and give him a conditioning treatment. It seems we have started a day spa on my back porch! He enjoys basking in the warm sun as his remoisturizing treatment does its job. After an long walk, a good swim, and a nice spa treatment, he's ready for a nap while I work. What a great life!

You can find Earthbath at local stores near you by using their Store Locator. Same for SheaPet's conditioners. Both are available at various online stores, as well. SheaPet can also  be purchased at their website.

Want to keep up with their new products and other news? You can "Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to make sure you're in the loop. Watch for tomorrow's giveaway of these great products, and your dog will soon enjoy a soothing spa day too!

Full disclosure: I performed this product review using my own products that I purchased myself. If that isn't a positive review, I don't know what is. This stuff is fabulous! I have not been compensated for my efforts, and there is no purchase required to enter the giveaway that will open later.


Dawn said...

I think the self-wash place I take my dogs to uses Earthbath. I have been relatively lucky when it comes to bathing my dogs. I can tell they hate it but they tolerate it very well, even my newest family member Pierson. If I remember correctly, Maya gave me a little trouble the first year when it came to the drying part. She loved playing with the towel and she always tried to grab the nozel on the blow-dryer.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Jet here. Hi Miss Carrie. Mom loves your reviews because she is a chemically sensitive soul. We currently use buddywash, however, we have used Earthbath, too. We drip dry because of our tropical temperatures. Mom gives us coconut oil for our coat. When Mom uses shea butter on her feet, I get to lick the tiny amount she has on her opposit hand's fingers! Oh, I go crazy for shea butter! Thanks for sharing natural products, you're right, they are easier to find now.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

He Jet: Me too--chemical sensitive. We also go the drip dry route. Blow drying is tough on skin, especially with Tanner swimming so often.

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