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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hound Hay Fever Time is Here:
Tips for Minimizing the Misery

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Dry, itchy skin, eye drainage, inability to relax, restlessness, hotspots. These and more are symptoms of Spring allergies that your Fido may exhibit. Taking a few precautions to prevent symptoms may help many dogs, if done before outdoor activities. Try these:
  • Skip the walk in the woods, where blooms, mold and bugs abide in quantities.
  • Choose a neighborhood walk on a sidewalk instead, for less contact with the natural environment.
  • Spray your pup down with a good, natural pest repellent before leaving the house. We switch off between cedar oil sprays, peppermint oil sprays and Neem oil sprays. Cover your dog's eyes when you spray his neck and ears. Brush into the coat thoroughly before departing.
  • When possible, choose to walk after or even during a rain shower, when airborne allergens are at a minimum.
  • Watch the news for a daily pollen count. This can help you plan for your outdoor activities.
  • Opt for indoor exercise on the worst days by doing laps inside your local PetSmart or Petco.
  • When exercising your dog outdoors, a little grooming will help upon return. Brush your dog well outside, and wash his face and paws before entering the house, paying particular attention to his eyes and removing any drainage.
  • If allergies are keeping your dog from sleeping at night or causing hotspots from too much scratching, talk with your veterinarian about other options for reducing his reaction to the stressors. Sometimes even an over the counter medication for a brief period will work wonders to calm your dog's itchy, drippy, misery.
  • Finally, watch for more helpful information on your own allergies at my friend Paris' newest blog, My Pet Allergies. You'll find some good tips there on reducing your pet's allergens left behind in your home, that may affect you, as well as visitors and family.

If your dog has allergies, let me know what works for you? Have you found a natural solution that is particularly useful? We'd love to hear about it. The comment link is always open for business. Thanks for sharing.


Katie said...

In the winter I have walked Roxy in the petstored many times because she gets too hyper because she has jack russell in her but gets cold so easy and she loves it because she gets a car ride and a walk

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