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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Puppy Faux Paws & Petfinder Adoptables

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

A dutiful reader has caught me in a Super Dog Sunday™ omission. Early submissions from AC were somehow misplaced in my email :( .  This post is a tribute to her pleasant good nature, as well as her two dogs, Lola and Hunter, and three lucky adoptables that she is trying to get some exposure for. I'm definitely here to assist.

Looking at this picture of Scout is like looking in Xena's photo album. Our rescued pup, Xena, seen above in my header, looked nearly exactly like this Scout. Having had a rough life, Scout is a surprisingly lovable dog. She does well with a crate, is good with cats and warms up to new people with a little patience as she gets acquainted.

Having never had a real home to call her own, Scout may do best in a quieter environment, without a lot of activity, noise or outings. A simple neighborhood walk and quiets days at home will likely suit her best. Won't you give this girl a second look?

You'll find Scout in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Please click her link above to learn more.

Next let's visit Jess, another rescue in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Jess is an Australian Cattle Dog/Rottweiler Mix that is described as the perfect gentleman. He's calm, gentle and friendly with everyone he meets, dogs and people alike.  Jess has some amazing manners that make him appear to have had some good training in the past. He doesn't get onto furniture and knows some commands, as well as walking nicely on a leash. You'll find out more about Jess at his profile page at the link.


Another adoptable dog in Cheyenne is Kellan, a Labrador Retriever mix that is extremely easy-going. Happy-go-lucky and just plain happy to be with his person, what's not t love about Kellan?

Lola and Hunter are brother and sister boxers, living the good life in Cheyenne. Their mom volunteers at this local rescue, and is eager to show off some of her adoptable dogs, like Kellan, Jess and Scout. You probably saw more of her rescues in our Super Dog Sunday™ Photo Contest, but these three slipped through the cracks--my bad!

© AC
While I'm at it, I'd like to show off this reader's dogs, as well. She worked hard to deck out these two siblings, Lola and Hunter, in football getup, so here they are:
© AC
Lola, Ready for Super Dog Sunday™

Aren't these two a good looking brother-sister team? Thanks to AC for submitting them, along with so many Petfinder adoptables. One of her submissions, Gage, was adopted on Super Dog Sunday! To me, that's all that matters. Great job, AC! Home sweet home for Gage.


Misty said...

Beautiful pups! Kellan looks like he could be 100% lab. If he was a bit older, I would have to wonder if Molimo and he were siblings. Congrats on helping Gage get a happy home! I hope the rest find one soon.

Misty said...

Carrie, The poll question above isn't showing the answer options. I've tried three browsers. It will show the results percentages, but not the answer that corresponds nor the answer you pick when voting.

dog care said...

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Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Misty: By golly, you're right. I think I'll remove it and try again next week. Strange Google Gremlins!

Dog Health said...

Bless you for getting age a home! I am absolutely in love with Lola and Hunter!

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