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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Super Dog Sunday™ Photo Contest:
PreTweet for a Chance to Win!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Tanner's Man-Sized Photo Prop
from Grandpa J, a Packer Fan!
© Carrie Boyko
Prizes that Don't Fit Inside!
I guess we have Packer green and gold in our blood. Everywhere I look there is Packer memorabilia from my father's collection. Isn't this crocheted football cute?!!!

Today's post is short and sweet. You now have the opportunity to Pre-Tweet about Super Dog Sunday™'s photo contest and blog hop to win a prize. For right now the prize is still a secret, but let me tell you, there is some great stuff in the pile that is now spilling outside my office: 

Here's all you have to know to participate in this prize drawing:

  • You can PreTweet daily.
  • Each Tweet must include the #SuperDogSunday hashtag for us to locate it.
  • Keep you tweet short enough to allow for others to RT--130 characters.
  • Please return here and place your Tweet link in the comments section, taken from the time stamp of your tweet. Feel free to repeat the text here also. We'd love to see what you had to say!
Here's a couple of examples that you can borrow if you like:

NFL-themed charity pet photo contest benefits @Petfinder_Fnd Feb 5. Gr8 prizes @dogtipper and @AllThingsDog: 

Thx 2 #SuperDogSunday @Petfinder_Fnd sponsors @PetHub @DogLoversBank, Tom Bihn & Gringa Loka

The winner will be announced during the day on February 5. Good luck with your Super Dog Sunday™ photos. Hope to see you all at the #SuperDogPics Twitter Party, where we'll have a photographer giving tips and there will be more prizes.  Be sure to sign up here. Happy tails!


lilyk said...

I tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter at!/likwan/status/157546402921193472.

Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/157635686713929728

Katie said...!/katiemitchell1/status/157663165960822786

cdmtx said...!/cdmtx65/status/157541973190905856

Jayna said...


Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/158006567722156033

cdmtx said...!/cdmtx65/status/158220829178605568

cdmtx said...

oppss your 1st tweet does not have #SuperDogSunday hashtag so i tweeted with #SuperDogSunday again ...!/cdmtx65/status/158221312974782464

Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/158237375695290368

Lori Miller said...

Sadie is showing her Pittsburgh Steeler pride as the Terrible Terrier! LOL

cdmtx said...!/cdmtx65/status/158628777121947648

cdmtx said...

Monday tweet :)!/cdmtx65/status/158961209662644224

cdmtx said...

1/17 tweet!/cdmtx65/status/159296208421134336

cdmtx said...


shilohsmom said...


Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/159803684350472192

cdmtx said...!/cdmtx65/status/160072665053396992

Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/160161733841915904

Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/160428844074008576

cdmtx said...


cdmtx said...!/cdmtx65/status/160703073902272512

Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/160753866571382784

cdmtx said...!/cdmtx65/status/160815556189102080

Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/161636166213439488

shilohsmom said...


Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/163385860375584768

Cynthia Downer said...

AvroraD said...

I tweeted here:!/avroradavidovna/status/164749265799884800

Danielle said...


Lori Miller said...


bhaley518 said...

Good Morning I tweeted today!/bhaley9962/status/165060460838797313

cdmtx said...

i tweet almost every day but forget to come here to post :(!/cdmtx65/status/165088715868352512

bhaley518 said...

i tweeted today!/bhaley9962/status/165278026937024512

Lori Miller said...


Anonymous said...!/SharonGilbert6/status/165396830132252673

Sharon Gilbert -

Anonymous said...

I tweeted!/SharonGilbert6/status/165396830132252673

Sharon Gilbert -

cdmtx said...!/cdmtx65/status/165440813504016384

shilohsmom said...


cdmtx said...!/cdmtx65/status/165811157859446784

so excited about tomorrow :)

lmurley2000 said...


Cynthia Downer said...!/cynth201/status/165940523591413761

bhaley518 said...

I tweeted today!/bhaley9962/status/165953681404080128

Lori Miller said...


Anna Galanos said...!/annaisabanana08/status/166050969707229184

cdmtx said...

:) yay !!!/cdmtx65/status/166182962617004034

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