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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

PetHub QR Tags & Collars
Help Lost Pets Get Home Faster

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Just today I saw another heartbreaking sign on a neighborhood tree. You know the one--"Lost Dog". Sadly, 6 to 8 million lost pets end up in shelters each year. Only 12% of dogs return home, and even fewer cats. Half of those that are not recovered from shelters are euthanized. 

© Boyko
Look Boys--Oliver's New ScruffTag
When micro-chipping became available we all jumped on that bandwagon, thinking "Here's a tag that Fido can't lose". The problem is the technology is not standardized, so many scanners don't work on every chip. 

Now, with QR codes PetHub is able to help get pets home faster. With the purchase of any tag or collar from PetHub, owners have access to an online site for their pet's information. If Fido or Fifi is lost, any scanner on a smart phone or computer can be used to read the information an owner makes available on Fido's page: contact info, Fido's medication requirements, health issues, social needs, etc. Also free with a tag or collar are directories of providers, parks, and events, along with several hundred articles on various pet care topics.
© Boyko
Oliver's Fluff Hides His Collar

For a small annual fee, your entire household of pets can add additional services. For instance, a Silver level membership provides help getting the word out about a lost pet.  Visit your PetHub account to flag Fifi as lost and notices will go out to all local shelters. The system also assists you with printing flyers to pass out yourself. 

In addition to all this help, if your pet's tag is scanned by anyone, you'll automatically receive an email notification. Included with that notification will be a GPS map showing you where Fifi is located. Isn't that amazing?!
© Boyko
Always Happy:
Playtime in His New Collar

And there's more! Gold level members get access to all these features plus pet loss insurance coverage for up to $3000 in veterinary bills. And here's what surprised me most. You can add additional pets to this coverage for $5 a year. They don't have to have a PetHub collar. If they live with you, they qualify for this coverage.

If that's not enough, PetHub wants their Gold level members to look sportin' also. Once a year they get a brand new, limited edition PetHub tag to clean up their look. If you have an active dog like my Tanner, you know that their tags get pretty scuffed up in a short time. I guess PetHub realizes this and decided to keep their clients looking good.

© courtesy
Our fave is the scrufftag collar which has the tag attached directly on the collar. What's so good about that? My little Oliver has a fluffy white mane of neck fur that stains easily from dangling metal tags. When I discovered the scrufftags I knew this was the solution for Oliver. Watch for our giveaway of scrufftags tomorrow at Fido's Freebie Friday. We love this collar and its great features offered by PetHub!

Full disclosure:  PetHub provided Oliver with a scrufftag and 1 year membership in order for us to try out their service. I was not compensated for this review or the giveaway, and there is no purchase necessary to win. The opinions shared in this review are my own. For more information, please consult my Giveaway and Contest Rules.

More PetHub info:

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Dog Owners said...


I completely agree with you. Great post

Kolchak Puggle said...

I hate those lost dog signs. It just breaks my heart. I think collars with QR codes are a really neat ided. We might need to look into these, (dude, lol)!

cdmtx said...

i love it ! Our Boxer - Mix is the adventurous type of dog :) and was already lost twice ... it was so nerve wrecking until we found him again.
what a great service/idea!

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