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Friday, December 2, 2011

Pet Obesity and the Holiday Season

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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With the holidays officially upon us, U.S. pups and kitties are even more at risk of health issues from excessive weight than ever. Our pet's overweight issues are easier to deal with than our own, given that they do not have the ability to feed themselves. Here are a few tips for watching your pet's weight through the holidays and beyond:

  • Skip or eliminate human food scraps as treats
  • Read pet food package directions to determine correct feeding quantity for your pet's size and breed.
  • Consider your pet's activity level when establishing a feeding quantity. Adjust accordingly for couch potatoes as well as for your highly physically active pups.
  • When using training treats for motivation and reward, select low-calorie, low-fat choices such as TerraPaws, rather than cheese or hotdogs. The latter may be tantalizing, but it will have a negative affect on your pup's waistline, unless appropriate exercise is added to his regimen.
  • When filling Kongs for quiet, alone time, use high-fiber, high-protein choices. Perfect fillings that may be available now are your leftover sweet potatoes (mashed) mixed with some leftover white meat turkey or kibble.
  • Compare your dog's kibble to better brands for an educational experience that may find you choosing another brand. We recommend Organix by Castor and Pollux to help your pet avoid the unhealthy toxins found in traditionally produced meats, fruits and vegetables.
  • Add an extra long walk to your daily activity and be sure to take Fido along. Not only will you work on both of your healthy waistlines, you'll also bond in ways you may not have imagined.
Following are some interesting facts on pet obesity. Read and learn, and best wishes in working on your pup's healthier lifestyle for 2012. Happy holidays!

Pet Obesity
Pet obesity graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365 - a UK stockist of dog jackets, collars and accessories. Click here to view the full post.

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Tegan said...

Thanks for highlighting this important issue. I am forever frustrated by overweight pets... I frequently get told my dogs are 'skinny', but they simply are a correct weight compared to all the other pets out there! I always prefer my dogs to be a little be lean rather than a little bit porky.

Sage said...

We work hard at keeping out pets at good weights and with plenty of exercise. I too hate seeing overweight pets--it's as unhealthy for them as it is for humans.

Nancy K. said...

What a wonderfully informative, fun and educational dog blog! I've recently started up a dog rescue in SE Minnesota and will definitely turn to your site for information and tips in the future!

FiveSibesMom said...

Excellent article, Carrie. Will be sharing with my FiveSibes Facebook followers. I am always watching the Sibes' diet, especially with my Epi-boy, Gibson, as a side-effect of the meds is a voracious appetite so I use lots of healthy fillers i.e. green beans & pure pumpkin. With the holidays here, it's such an important message to get out there early. Thanks again!

Bassetmomma said...

Great holiday tips for our furry friends!

Dog Park Equipment said...

Dog parks are a great way to keep your dog's weight in check. Just like humans exercise is an important aspect of daily life.

Melissa T. said...

Thanks for these great tips. I really like the graphics for them, they made it more interesting. When we adopted our dog Magnum the vet said he was 47lbs & that he needed to gain weight. During a recent visit to the vet they said he was chubby at 65lbs. When he went to the groomer a few weeks ago to get his nails cut, his groomer buddy told him he sure looked healthy, meaning his butt's getting too big. lol I'm definitely keeping these tips handy.

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