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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rescuing Rover: To My Best Friend

by Sandy
© reader copyright on file

To My Best Friend

That cold winter day when we first met
I surely didn't know
That you would be the special one
Who soon with me, home would go

The nice man took you from your cage
So the two of us could meet
You were cute but I didn't think
That you were the right one for me

Back into your cage you went
I heard you cry as I walked away
"Don't worry, boy, she'll be back"
I heard the nice man say

"Somewhere", I thought, "there must be
A perfect dog to share my life"
And so my search continued on
I looked near and far both day and night

I didn't find what I thought I wanted
Perhaps I had no clue
So I went back to that shelter
And decided just to "settle" for you

To my surprise we bonded so fast
It happened right from the start
How could I have ever imagined
That so quickly you would steal my heart

In my search I had been so wrong
It didn't take long to see
That a power greater than I had known
That my want had not been my need

People often say I saved you
If only they could see
The void in me had been so great
That it was you, my friend, who saved me

If you have a story or poem about rescuing your best friend, I'd like to share it with my readers. Feel free to send submissions for the Rescuing Rover column to Include at least one photo of your dog that was taken by you. 


petdoginsurance said...
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Talking-Dogs said...

Oh, so lovely! More often it's the dog that does the saving, isn't it. At least I think so.

Anonymous said...

Sandy and Shiloh....I love the story!!! Sandy the man at rescue knew that you were the one for Shiloh. It that unconditional love that a dog give to us that is so wonderful.

Sharon Gilbert
Schooner and Skipper

Skipper is a rescue and we drove over 1400 miles there and back so Schooner could have a brother. They are the best!!

Melissa T. said...

That was beautiful.

Pup Fan said...

Lovely poem!

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