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Friday, October 14, 2011

We Let the Dogs Out for
Our Halloween Treat Giveaway

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© courtesy Stebbix via Flickr
Race You to the Treats!
Who let the dogs out? I guess we did. They're all headed for the big giveaway here: 8 bags of yummy goodies to serve all sizes and ages. Today I'll just get right down to business. Here are the winners:

  1. Mini bones for small dogs: Claudia
  2. Natural Treats for Puppies #1: Gloria W
  3. Natural Treats for Puppies #2: Liz 
  4. Natural Treats for Senior Dogs: Peggy, for Kelly
  5. Mini Treats: Tanya, for Pookie & Tootsie
  6. Soft Treats: Clenna
  7. Dried Turkey Hearts: Sara N.
  8. Dried Turkey Treats: Rita
In your packages you will be finding another surprise. With football season upon us, we're getting ready for Super Dog Sunday on February 5th. While NFL football fans are all glued to the TV, we'll be running a photo contest here on the blog, as well as raising funds for Petfinder, the forerunner in pet adoption search. 

Last year's contest brought 72 of you here to provide pics of your pups in awesome Football-themed scenes. It was a blast. This year I'll be kicking it up a notch. I plan to include new features, prizes and a bit of a bump for Petfinder's funding. So when you find the football prop in your box, be sure to take a picture of your Fido with it. Send it in to me for posting as a part of our Super Dog Sunday photo blog hop on February 5, 2012. Watch for more info and opportunities to participate, as they become available throughout Fall.

Can I ask for a treat too? Please send photos of your pups enjoying their treat prizes. I'll include bandanas in the packages to those of you who have not received them previously. Don't forget to wear them in the pictures. Your pup may just get a cover dog job on the blog one day. Thanks much!


cdmtx said...

YoYo says thanks bunches :)

cdm65@ coxdot net

Liz said...

Daisy received her box with treats, bandanna and football today, thanks! Can't wait to take pictures to share!

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