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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rescuing Rover: Shiloh Gets an Owner

by Sandy

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Shiloh and Owner
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I already had one dog, and I'm usually a one-dog kind of person. The only reason I wanted a second one was because two nights in a row someone tried to break into my window in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping. My other dog wasn't a barker, so I wanted a dog that would alert me and scare off intruders.

I was looking for an older, calm, female dog. Shiloh was a young, energetic male. When I met him at animal control, the handler removed him from his cage and brought him to the meeting area, and he jumped right into my lap for some loving. He ran around all over the place and seemed a bit too rambunctious. When I left, the handler put him back in his cage, and Shiloh cried out as I walked away. The handler said, 

"Don't worry boy, she'll be back for you." 

But I told him I didn't think I would be back, as I didn't think he was the right dog for me.

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Shiloh's is Always Smiling
I kept looking for the "right" dog. I went to all the shelters within a 50-mile drive, and checked out all the "free dog" ads in the paper. Still couldn't find what I wanted. A few days later, my mom talked me into giving Shiloh a chance, as he was the only dog I sort of liked out of those I met.

 Yes, I was being very picky. I had a very elderly dog at home and a new dog would have to fit in just right with her, and with my lifestyle. When I went back to the shelter, I wasn't sure he'd still be there, as it was a high-kill shelter. But there he was. The handler told me Shiloh was supposed to have been euthanized already, but he said "something" told them to hang on to him for a little while longer. On the drive home with him, I still wondered if I had made a mistake adopting him.

It didn't take long to know that it wasn't a mistake. Adopting him was the best decision I've ever made in my life. We quickly formed a bond so strong... stronger than I had ever thought could be possible between a human and a dog. He truly is my soulmate. 

Funny thing is, he turned out not to be a barker either. If someone were to break in, he'd welcome them and tell them to take whatever they wanted. So I didn't get what I was originally looking for in a dog, but I got so much more, and definitely got what I needed in him.

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Shiloh Sets Aside a Snack for Sandy
 There is a story behind the 3 nuggets lying next to his bowl in this photo. When Shiloh was very sick and on medicine that made him stop eating, I would do everything I could to get him to eat, including lying next to him and pretending to eat from his bowl. 

After he recovered and started eating again, he'd beg me to still come eat with him. I guess he liked the company. Now I just stay in the room with him while he eats. Before he eats, he looks at me and removes 3-5 nuggets from his bowl and lays them in a straight row next to his bowl. Then he eats what's in his bowl, and walks away, leaving the nuggets on the floor. I think he's leaving me a snack. LOL!  

If you have a rescue story that you would enjoy sharing with our readers, please submit your story to I make every attempt to publish every story, however some editing may be required. Please include at least one photo of your dog, taken by you. Happy tails!


Anonymous said...

I love the story of Shiloh. It's a very touching story. Shiloh is a very handsome boy and you can tell he loves his mommy.... and his mommy loves him. It was meant be that you rescued Shiloh and gave him forever home. High Five Paws to You.

Sharon Gilbert

Surfing Dogs said...

entertaining post

Finn said...

That's an interesting story. Finn never barks at anyone at the door, so I've been wondering what would happen if someone tried to come in through the window! I'm glad the shelter held onto him for a few more days - sometimes things fall into place!

Christina said...

Wow, hard to believe you almost passed him by!

Kolchak Puggle said...

What a great story. Isn't it funny how sometimes other people know the dog is "the One" even before you do. When we found out Kol wasn't the baby beagle we had planned on, we almost gave him up to another family but our breeder held onto him . THank goodness, he was still there when I came to my senses! I would be LOST without him.

Shelley P said...

Wonderful story! My eyes teared up a couple of times while reading it : )Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad you both were so lucky to have found each other.

And I have to say .........Shiloh is so beautiful!

bichonpawz said...

What a wonderful story!!! So glad Shiloh was still there!!! He is beautiful!
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Anna Galanos said...

This was beautiful! I have to try really hard to not cry from this! Thanks for sharing!

shilohsmom said...

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. Christina, yes it is hard to believe I almost passed him by. I cry every time I think about the possibility that he could have been euthanized before I decided to adopt him.

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