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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pups Will Play While Mom is Away;
Otherwise Known As Dad is PupSitting

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Throw It Already!
© Carrie Boyko
Oliver's Turn to Swim
I'm on the road, learning more at Barkworld to help me bring you an even better experience here. Of course, anytime mom is away, someone has to take charge of the "kids", in this case the dogs. They are in good hands with pops this weekend. The photos you're seeing here are reminiscent of earlier days when the pups have been caught in the act of enjoying their pops.

© Carrie Boyko
A Nice Warm Lap
I've left a supply of Busy Bones for dad to give the boys an afternoon bit of chewing pleasure. The leashes and poop bags are stored safely where dad knows how to find them and more importantly, Tanner's Fetch toys are organized out of his reach, waiting for the opportunity to get a workout in the pool. I have no doubt that will occur if Tanner has anything at all to do with it. His imploring looks always work to get dad out to the pool deck for some Fetching fun.
© Carrie Boyko
Time for a Walk

Oliver will be happy to have a brisk walk and a warm lap, alternating with the opportunity to pester Patches. While we do try to give her senior self some space from the little munchkin, Tanner makes a regular habit of opening the child-lock gate that gives her a section of the house in privacy from the youngster. He's great at opening it, but has not quite mastered the art of closing it behind him ;)

© Carrie Boyko
Patience, Tanner
This weekend the dogs' walks and dog park visits will be completely out of my hands. No routine; no expectations. Hopefully daddy will remember how much chow for each boy. When I return, it will be to a pooped pops and a couple of happy dogs. Lucky am I to have backup.

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melfr said...

Hope you're having fun at Bark World Carrie! It's so funny how the dog moms worry about what dad will do with the dog kids while they are away. My clients, Dylan and Nika, did not get any walks at the dog park while mom was gone, but I am sure they got spoiled. Here's hoping the kids all got a little of both this weekend! said...

Bring back lots of good stuff from Bark World. I agree with melfr about worrying doggy moms leaving the fur babies with dads!

I have a complete list for my hubby if I go somewhere and then I still call to confirm that he did everything on the list.

He's a good daddy and always does everything I ask.


Jane Cooper said...

Nice post!!

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