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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

K9 Kamp Week 3 Challenge:
Tug and Tone for Pups & Owners

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Tug Starts: Tanner vs Rookie Lauren

Dog mom confession time: I have to admit I'll be passing off the sprints to other family members, mostly Tanner. I'll do makeup work in other ways, so hopefully I still qualify as a participant. 

Since the Tug game is at the heart of this week's workout for Fido, I thought I'd share a couple of photos of Tanner giving our friend Lauren a workout. I've been itching to show these off, just for the fun of it. Who do you think won this Tug game?

Have you been over to Peggy's Pet Place or Kol's Notes to check out the K9 Kamp challenges? We're having fun participating, and we also get in on some great giveaways. You can too! Check out the giveaways at Peggy's Pet Place and then get to the challenges.  This week's challenge involves:
  • Tug of war with Fido (Tanner gets dibs on this game)
  • Run sprints
  • Push ups 
  • Lunges (get a good laugh at Oliver's version)
I was surprised and pleased to discover I could do the lunges successfully, even with my nagging knee injury. The sprints still are not working for me, but Tanner was more than willing to run mine and his. "Thanks Tanner boy; you're a good workout partner." We've logged about one and a half hours of tugging, push ups (did I mention my sore shoulder--no wining!), and lunges. I got my sprinting in the form of biking, my latest favorite way to exercise with Tanner and Oliver.

All in all, another successful week of K9 Kamp, but I think Tanner is doing a better job of doing all the challenges than I am. Currently he's napping it off after a good swim. 

If you'd like to get Tanner's tips on Tug of War for Wannabes, head on over to his blog at 5 Minutes for Fido, where he has offered secrets for doggie tuggers. No humans allowed!


Peggy Frezon said...

That's perfect the way you are improvising and doing what works best for you in the challenges! Way to go! I'm sending Kelly over to 5 Minutes for Fido!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Way to work it out! I *might* get brave enough to try biking with Koly on Thanksgiving weekend when we are at our lake house. (The bike is there, preventing me from feeling guilty about not riding it on a more frequent basis.) I'm still totally nervous about it though! Any tips to keep me from being knocked silly?

Playmobil Bunnies said...

We must treat our pets as one of our family,specially dogs, because they are our best friends. And dogs have feelings too,they know if we are angry or happy.

Amy said...

Very cute pic .. i read somewhere that the tug of war game with your dog teaches them resistance. I still do it anyways with my Jackie cuz she looks so cute thinking she can win.

Pet Rider

Jon said...

Tug of war game with your dog is a great idea for a game with your family pet, i do it often with our pets. But great post Carrie, was a nice read.

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