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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doggie Packing is Tiring;
So Many Wardrobe Decisions

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Oliver is a Tired Model

Any guesses what his third Tshirt is--the one under his paws? Only Blogpaws attendees will get to see this fun little comic relief that Oliver has planned. Watch for us at the conference to get your football prop for Super Dog Sunday on February 5, 2012.

If you missed Super Dog Sunday this year, you really missed a great time. Check out the slideshow of your fellow bloggers' dogs in their football-themed photos. We hope you'll join us this time to make it even better.

P.S. Tanner is a little jealous of Oliver's Blogpaws trip. Can you give him a little comment love over at 5 Minutes for Fido....pleeze!


shilohsmom said...

Oliver is such a good model. He's adorable!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Thanks Sandy. They are both quite accommodating of their modeling duties. It's a darn good thing, or otherwise I'd have not photos!

I'm getting quite a nice colleciton of Shiloh, and will continue to share them from time to time. Thanks for your energetic posting!

Carly @GreenDogLove said...

Oliver looks like a great model. :)

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey said...

Looking forward to meeting you at BlogPaws and seeing your t-shirt!!!

Pup Fan said...

I can't wait to see what Oliver has up his sleeve! Looking forward to meeting you at BlogPaws! :)

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