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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dog Lovers' TShirts by Freaky Dog People

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© A. Boyko
My Fave T-Shirt From Freaky Dog People
© courtesy Freaky Dog People "Heart Paw" 
One of my favorite new products I found at last year's Blogpaws conference was the line of  T-Shirts from Freaky Dog People. I promised back then that I'd be providing an easy purchase method for these shirts on my site. It's been a while in getting here, but finally Freaky Dog People Tshirts have arrived! Their ad in my sidebar will take you to their site where you can purchase your fave T-Shirt.

© courtesy Freaky Dog People Dog's Best Friend
At last count I have 3 of their designs. They have many more, even a design that that is  available in sizes for guys; The shirt I'm wearing in the photo above is cut for women--a little more fitted and shaped. The sleeves are not so boxy as guys' shirts; you get the idea. At this time of year when temps are rising so high, I love the thinner fabric that these T-Shirts are fashioned from too.

© courtesy Freaky Dog People 'Dog + Heart' 
I love showing off my love of dogs, and these T-shirts really help me get the message out there, without wearing an "I Love My Papillon" shirt. Don't tell Tanner I used Oliver as an example; I'd really be in hot water!

This Dog and Heart design is probably tied for my favorite. I wear it all the time. I suppose it is fair to say that I'm Freaky Dog People poor.  Now it's your turn!

© courtesy Freaky Dog People 'Freaky Chain'
For those who are of questionable dog loyalty, or just don't want to shout it to the masses, the Freaky Chain design at right will work for just about anybody. Cool, huh?

Love Ride is another popular style, and colorful enough to fly through Halloween with style. Maybe that should be my next purchase?
© courtesy Freaky Dog People 'Love Ride'

Now that I've nearly rolled out the whole line of women's designs, maybe I shouldn't leave out the guys. The FDP Crest design is available for both ladies and their hunks. It's comes in coal and bark, shown here.

© courtesy Freaky Dog People FDP Crest
Before I sign off from this fun shopping expedition, I want to share my wish list item. (I'm secretly hoping hubby is reading this!) Besides their bracelets, and hats, Freaky Dog People also has a necklace that I'm totally in love with.  What do you think?
© courtesy Freaky Dog People I'm Drooling Over This!

So if I've got you drooling too, here's the deal.  You can make Tanner and Oliver very happy by spreading some Freaky Dog love. All you have to do is click the ad in my sidebar or the one at the bottom of the page.  While you're shopping, don't forget the holidays that will soon be just around the corner. Let's get Freaky!
© A. Boyko Oliver's Looking for that Chewy

You feed them, you protect them, and you care for their every need. You answer their cries when they are young and teach them right from wrong. You throw them birthday parties, organize play dates, and send them only to the best schools. No matter how fast they grow up, they will always be "your babies." You call yourself  Mommy and Daddy... We call you... Freaky Dog People (you know who you are)


Peggy Frezon said...

I love the one of the dog with the heart. Really cute. I've been thinking of getting one for a while now, so you gave me the push I needed!

Kathy said...

I love a number of their tee shirt designs. They are adorable. Unfortunately the one I had gotten, an extra large, was way, way too small. (I gave it to a much skinnier niece who is also a dog lover.) Now I am a little overweight, comfortable and active, but not obese and I mistakenly thought an extra large is an extra large. Not so. Sorry but until they make the tee shirts fit I won't go looking. :( Sad to say. But a 14 with a little extra does not look good in their hug-the-body tees. :(

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

I believe their sizing follows junior sizes most closely, although that is just my personal observation.

bichonpawz said...

All the designs are really cute, but I would like to see a little bigger sizes too...

Jen said...

I really like that necklace as well! Thanks for sharing their info, I see a purchase coming up!

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