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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog Doings this Week:
Prepping for Conferences

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
News from All Things Dog Blog
August is here. I feel like the chicken that thought the sky was falling. I'm going to be running around all month, absolutely certain I won't be ready to go when travel day arrives. Yikes!

The last weekend of August marks my second appearance at Blogpaws, a conference for pet bloggers. This year it will be held in our nation's capital, a perk for me, as I will have the opportunity to visit my eldest son while in the 'neighborhood'. 

Thus, the craziness that is me, I will be fretting over getting everything ready to go, as another conference follows Blogpaws very quickly. Enough of that, though, you're here to find out what's coming for THIS week:

  • Pup Profiles returns tomorrow with a quick look at one of your favorite bloggers' pups. Don't miss the suprise when you get to find out who's front and center for the day.
  • Wednesday I'll be honoring some very energetic readers with a thank you in our Wordless Wednesday post, which is generally not terribly wordless. In case you hadn't noticed, that's not my strong suit. I'll be offering up free bandanas to my blogging buddies in exchange for photos of your pups wearing them. Anyone interested?
  • Product reviews this week will move in the direction of my preparations, or rather Oliver's, as the case may be. He's got a new travel carrier, a rolling traveler, and a Travel organizer that he wants to show off. He'll even be giving you a peek at his wardrobe selections for Blogpaws, so stop on by this Thursday.
  • Kids books will be back on the menu in my weekly giveaways and of course there will be another surprise Grab Bag Winner. Will it be you?
  • Friday I get to play the gifter, handing out prizes like Terra Paws dog treats, Pet Sitter Instruction pads by Planet Dog, and Daily Deals from Barking Deals.  Thanks for your participation in these giveaways. There is plenty of room for more!
  • My inbox is brimming with guest posts and another gem from Dr. Mark, so these too will be showing up shortly, as well as one of my own chattering posts on Saturday.
Upcoming reviews (with giveaways) that you may enjoy also include first aid kits, Zukes treats, a dog walking belt that is rather clever and functional for dog park visits, hiking and such, hemp leash/collar/harness set from Planet Dog and more kids' books. And that's just what I can see from my desk. Happy tails!


Hanna at Dog Products said...

Hi Carrie,

Your posts always make me smile but this one also tripped my imagination as I envisioned you as a chicken running around warning everybody that the sky is falling. Very cute.

You mentioned bandanas and I’d like to tell you want my little Shih Tzu does with the ones his groomer used to tie around his neck after every grooming session. So, looking dapper with his long hair slightly trimmed and buffed to a high sheen, and wearing his fresh new bandana; my four-legged gent does a disappearing act for about 30 minutes.

When he reemerges, however, the bandana is gone. It reappears for the next 3 or 4 days in thin shredded threads mixed in with his bowl movements. Yuck!

So, no more bandanas for my Shih Tzu boy!

Doreen said...

Hi my pal! I'm looking forward to your posts this week and also started the countdown to BlogPaws! Can't wait to meet you in person and I am looking forward to rooming with you. Have a super week!
Doreen-Doggies and Stuff

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

can't wait to meet you at BlogPaws! You will have to show me the ropes!!

I have been running around like crazy getting ready too. There were things I had to buy because I haven't traveled in forever!

K-Koira said...

My dogs could always use some more bandannas, and a trade for a picture of them styling seems pretty darn awesome.

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