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Friday, July 22, 2011

Readers Unleash their Dogs on Me
With Dogs Unleashed Photos

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

© A. Jones
Lola's Bathtime

© J. Nguyen
Check out Tiny Quorra
Bathtime really can be fun, when Fido is given the proper encouragement from a young age. A gentle massage and soft voice do wonders to relax and empower a dog to give water a chance. The Dogs Unleashed bath supply packages are a great start to making bathtime fun and easy for you and your pup. Remember, your dog will generally follow your lead when it comes to attitude. If you make it relaxing and enjoyable, it probably will be.

Before we move ahead with the prize winners' names, let's enjoy some of the delightful photos submitted by All Things Dog Blog readers this past week.
© K. Mitchell
Roxy's Bath

© S. Gilbert
Skipper and Schooner
Continue to Entertain Us

Skipper and Schooner have bounced onto our radar with an adorable photo for many of our giveaways. They are delightfully fun duo of Vizslas that always have a fun message for our vendors. Thank to their owner for all her vigilant efforts to offer fun entertainment for us all.

© A. Jones
Lola is Certainly Persistent

Lola's owner also seems to have an unending supply of photos and fun taglines--"Can we do it in the lake?". Tanner would love to join her. Shall we make it a date?

As much as I would enjoy sharing all the photos, I must get to the task at hand. Thank you ALL for your Tweets, Facebook posts, emails, photos and messages. I enjoy you all so much and product reviews are fast becoming a highlight of my week--sharing great products and seeing how you respond is a joy for me. Now it's time to spread that fun and give away some goodies. And there's even a surprise; I shorted you guys on the original prize listing. The good news is there is one extra tote bag with the delightful message screen printed on it: The More People I Meet, The More I Like My Dog.

Today's winning lineup of readers are as follows:
  1. 2 Bath Mitts and 2 dogbone-shaped sponges will find their home with Vicki B.
  2. 1 adorable "Ruff Life" Apron will be adopted by S. Gilbert.
  3. 2 endearing "I Like My Dog" totebags will be adopted by K. Mitchell and Lmurley.
  4. And finally, the 2 grand prize winners will receive the whole package: Tote Bag, Apron, Bath Mitts, Sponges, and a beautfully-embroidered Microfiber towel. These lucky winners are Cstironkat and Kathy (with Rory).
Congratulations to you all. Before you forget, be sure to send me your address to Your package will go out as soon as possible.

This was an exciting week and I'm thrilled that you all won fun prizes, while enjoying the process. For those of you who did not get lucky this time, feel free to keep trying. Your opportunity to purchase Dogs Unleashed products may be found at  these links at Petco and Amazon, and also at small boutiques all over the country. Let your fingers do the walking!

Dogs Unleashed sent products for us to review. We provided our own opinion of these products by using them, and were not paid to give our thoughts.


cstironkat said...

The St. Louis Samoyed Club is going to be thrilled, we get some real stinkers into rescue. THANK YOU!!!! I truly appreciate this win for the dogs that need a fresh start in life.

Kathy said...

Thank you so much for choosing Rory and me. I hope you got my email. :)

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