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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dog Fired for Insubordination; Replacement Sought

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
What? Fired with No Severance Biscuits?
Caught once again Tweeting with the ladies, Oliver has lost his job as our purveyor of the Weekly Preview. We'll see if Tanner decides to step up. For now, you get me. No complaining please; I've heard enough from you-know-who.

Let's get down to business. Here's what's on deck this week:

  • Our Ask the Trainer columnist, Terry Lynn Cuyler, will be offering tips for barking in the car to one particularly frustrated reader.
  • My own thoughts have moved to the heat here in Florida. I'll be sharing my favorite techniques for making sure the boys don't get overheated on our walks.
  • Oliver is busy getting ready for Blogpaws. Watch for Wordless Wednesday and his unique transportation situation. 
  • Now that we're all busy with outdoor activities, Summer means more bites, stings and abrasions. I'll be reviewing a very nice first aid kit to take along on your adventures, and of course, we'll be offering a giveaway as well. 
  • Hopefully our Treat Review Team will get it's act together and provide some input for a first post. Stay tuned to see what treats we start with.
  • The Fido's Freebie Friday blog hop of giveaways is kicking in quite nicely. This week I'll be giving away some great bowl and toy combo-packs from our friends at SafeMade. Stop by and see what's available for winning at sites around the pet blogging world. In addition, there will be a new surprise, so watch for more on that.
  • Our Saturday Pet Blogger Hop post will share a few timely tips on making the decision about vacation accommodations for Fido, when he cannot come along :(
  • Our Adoptable Pets Tour of States will stick to the midwest next weekend, when we'll move on to Kansas. Iowa was quite compelling for me this Sunday. I almost wanted to jump in the car and go visit some of the spectacular pets I found on Petfinder. Alas, my 33rd wedding anniversary kept me pinned here to celebrate an event that may not have occurred had I taken off for Iowa!
This and more is what's in store for this last week of June. Hope to see you all. Happy tails!


Vicky said...

Happy Anniversary, Carrie!

Somehow I think Oliver might be given a second chance on appeal :)

Pup Fan said...

Check out that tie! What a professional looking pup. :)

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