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Friday, May 13, 2011

Petstages Gator Toys Finally Get Adopted

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Do I Have to Give it Up?
Thank goodness the nice folks at Petstages sent us an extra for Tanner. He's given this gator toy quite a workout this week, so I'm guessing you guys would not be too thrilled with the bite marks in it. Yep. I'd say Tanner won, although he has not destroyed the toy, and best of all, it still squeaks. Even after taking it for an impromptu swim, this sturdy toy still makes its two cool squeaky noises. I'm impressed.

You will be too. I'm thrilled to announce the winners of this giveaway. You guys certainly did put up a good fight.  I didn't count, but I'm guessing there's about 40+ entries for these 3 gator toys. Shall I contact the Petstages people and tell them to ramp up their production on this toy? I think so!

For those of you that just can't stand not having one, here's your ticket:

You really can't beat this price!

© Carrie Boyko
You Can Come Out Now, Oliver
Now, on to the winners. I've shaken and stirred the names in the big green box. BTW, it's getting pretty full from all these contests. You guys have definitely learned where the comment link is--good job! The winners are: K.A. Thuet, Paris Permenter, and Gloria Walshver.

I hope you all enjoy your double-squeaking fun dog toys. Just remember, they are NOT for swimming!  Be sure to stay tuned for part II of my dog safety and gators series. Happy tails!

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cstironkat said...

Congrats to all the winners, I know there will be some happy gator hunting in the near future.

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