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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Does Your Dog Worry?

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

I'm sure you've seen this commercial on TV. It tugs at my heart every time I see it, as Xena, our fallen princess, made a lifetime habit of hiding her prized possessions under the pillows around the house. She once even hid a slice of pizza under my husband's bed pillow. That one wasn't quite as funny as the others!

I'm curious. Does your dog give evidence of worry? Consider these possibilities:
  • When a family member is away, does your dog check their room or a favorite chair?
  • When a packmate is out, does your dog sniff the crate or check their favorite snoozing spots?
  • Do you ever catch your dog taking inventory of the chow? "Is it still there?"
Tell me what you have observed about things that are on your dog's mind. They'll give you the clues; you just need to read them. The comment link is always open for business!

Today we're trying out a new blog hop, hosted by Tammy, Deb, and LeeAnn. These are three families who enjoy making new friends by hopping. Watch for their pups!


Wyatt said...

Stanzie hides and buries everything. If it is special, she does not want Wyatt to have it.

Wyatt only looks worried when we sneeze..LOL

Jan said...

Misty the alpha Poodle insists that all the dog bowls be kept full of kibbles even when they are not hungry. They never overeat so I just go along with it. It must be her way of taking care of her pack.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Jan, that's funny. So many dogs eat until it is all gone. Misty is unique in that sense. Very interesting comment and thanks for your visit. I always enjoy your insights.

Laurie said...

I have a Beagle named Biscuit, he was bought by my daughter, and I bought his sister Sophie, well Sophie decided she wanted to be my husbands dog and Biscuit decided he wanted to be my dog. He is my shadow, where I go he goes, at my side always, when we sleep he has to be touching me some way. When I have to leave the house without him, he will lay in front of my bedroom door until I come home, and then I get all the wonderful kisses he's saved up for me.

Katie said...

Roxy doesnt hide her stuff leaves them in plain sight but dont try t take it from her whever teh cats walk by her she lets them kno taht its her treat, She also wanted to say thanks for the bag of Greenies she will have sparkly teeth now!

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