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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dog Prize Giveaway
and Weekly Preview

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Cesar Cuisine
Prize Flavors Will Vary
Are you ready for the 4 free 12-packs of Cesar Cuisine? Good. Read on and we'll get to the names shortly. First I have some news to share.

As I continue to venture down this road of weekly giveaways, I want to make an effort to improve your experience. We are all about customer service, and that's why we offer a staff of trainers to answer your question, a vet to offer assistance, and problem solving posts to help you keep Fido out of mischief.

Today I'm going to implement a new strategy to assist in prize drawings that are appropriate for the winners. I want you and your Fido to get a prize that you'll be excited about, and he will enjoy immensely. So starting today, I'll be asking you for your dog's breed or weight when you win a drawing if I can't figure it out by your post or a link. Feel free to share it in your comment to expedite your winnings! As always, you can enter with a comment here, on my Facebook site, or through Twitter. Even email comments are acceptable if you can't comment at the other sites:

Also starting today, I'm going to be offering a weekly preview of some of the posts you can look forward to through the weekend and into next week. So, what's coming up?
  • The official announcement of our Easter Rabbit Adoptathon Blog Hop will offer tips on decision-making, making life with a rabbit more workable, and how to find a rabbit to adopt. I hope you didn't miss yesterday's guest post by our family's rabbit, Robby. He had great comments that will help immensely if you're considering this big step.
  • Adoptable Pets: A Tour of States hits a new state each week. Any idea which state we'll be visiting this week?
  • Dr. Pat will address the natural ways to clean the skin folds on dog breeds such as Sharpei and Bulldogs.
  • We'll be sharing a guest post from a representative of the Veterans Administration who will tell us more about the bill before Congress that we hope will soon allow service dogs on VA property. Come learn more about the challenges of our retired servicemen and women who use service dogs to help them live independent lives.
  • One of our trainer staff, Terry Lynn Cuyler, will share a few tips on helping your children learn how to properly and safely greet a new dog.
  • Finally, next week will wrap up with Blog the Change Day, when I will talk about drown-proofing your pups. Learn the whole story of my Pitbull water rescue and what you can do to prevent the unthinkable from happening to your dog.
I suppose it's time to announce the winners of our four 12-packs of Cesar Cuisine: Shauna, Patty Milliron, Mary, and Lori. Ladies, your pups will each receive a 12-pack of gourmet dinners along with a doggie bandana and a couple of other surprises. We hope you'll enjoy your goodies. Don't forget to send your address to

Finally, be sure to click over to our Facebook page to "Like" us and follow us on Twitter. This will help us keep you better informed about our great upcoming events.

And as always, don't forget to visit 5 Minutes for Fido, where Tanner and Oliver spout off their opinions and generally offer up silliness.
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