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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cesar Canine Cuisine Awards Prize to All Things Dog Blog Reader

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Oliver Likes the Tshirt!
As the Tshirt says, "Give small a chance". How can you argue with that when you have a sweetheart like Oliver to help show it off? To win today's prize, our reader had to provide the winning answer to this starter, offered in a post entitled Why Choose a Small Dog Breed?: " I love my toy-sized companion dog because _____________________." The winner's answer was close to her heart:

" I love my toy-sized companion dogs because 
both of them cram to cuddle with me all the time,
 and they are good at hide and seek (because of their size)."

Our winner is Elizabeth G., a local small dog lover who has 2 toy-sized rescues. The irony of her winning is that she and I connected just yesterday, when she was collecting donations for the Florida Little Dog Rescue. Now I'll get to see her again!

Elizabeth's two toy poodles, Cocoa-Latte and Oreo are quite a pair, and they could not have landed in more caring hands. They are two very lucky little dogs to have Elizabeth "Give small a chance." Congratulations Elizabeth!

A very special thank you goes to the folks at Cesar Canine Cuisine, for providing this adorable prize. Oliver is feeling a bit sad to let that cute dish go, not to mention he's sure the stuff in the containers is super yummy. Maybe next time they'll send some for Oliver too? Shhh.....he doesn't know this, but I have another one of these packages to give away. Watch for a post in early 2011 when I'll be talking little dog talk once again. 

Before I go, allow me to conduct a little holiday business. With vacation time coming up, I'll be offering one more of my weekly drawings next Saturday, and then they will resume in late January, after I recover from some very important family time.

Don't worry, though, posts will continue to pop out like clockwork, at least 3 per week. If you simply have to get your pup reading in during the holidays, you know where to go. As always, the comment button will be available for you to leave your thoughts. I'll check the blog and publish your comments regularly, even though I'll be officially on vacation. A blogger's work is never done. Sounds familiar, huh?

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful blog! I love anyone who channels their humanity through the heart of an animal. God knows best that my life might have been very different if not for the love of one small dog back in 1970 who brought out the best in me. Hugs. Tammy

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