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Thursday, November 4, 2010

MANKINDdog™ and All Things Dog Blog™ Vow to 'Be the Change' for Animals

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© courtesy MANKINDdog™
Phil and Gotham of MANKINDdog™

Celebrating the relationship between humans and their dogs is what MANKINDdog™ is all about. And what a perfect day to join in this reverence for our canine companions.  Go take a walk with Fido after you're finished reading this.

Today, in partnership with MANKINDdog™, All Things Dog Blog™ is launching another fun product giveaway along with a charity drive for 2 pet charities. I need all you bloggers out there to check this out. It's part of the Be the Change movement started at the Blogpaws Conferences, and you can get a Thank You gift and a link to your site for helping! 

I know how much my readers have hated the recent onslaught of freebies--tongue in cheek! It's written all over my analytics program. You know, that tekkie report that says my site visits have risen 200% since August. Thanks, by the way. I love you guys AND your dogs. Keep those emails, comments, and photos coming. And I'll keep giving away these great goodies.

Let's start by telling you a little about my new friends at MANKINDdog™, which was started as an offshoot of the love for their collective pack of 7. Talking with them was quite an experience for me. Loving both big and small dogs, I wasn't quite sure what to expect with these folks after visiting their website, where their handsome Mastiff takes front and center.

The first image you see there is a hunky guy (imagine a George Clooney look-alike!) hanging out with an awesome Mastiff named Gotham. Great name, huh?!! This hardly created an image of Papillon lovers. Much to my surprise, there's a diverse assortment of all sizes and breeds in the MANKINDdog™ 'family'.  I think I'm liking this team!

As our conversation progressed, I continued to be impressed by their commitment to the dog community. From their past years of support of their local Humane Society to a new plan to give a percentage of sales to Canine Companions for Independence, it is clear that MANKINDdog™ really does care about dogs and their owners. 

The folks at MANKINDdog™ are also committed to bringing you excellent gifts for both dog and owner. MANKINDdog™ has a huge assortment of gifts and merchandise for both dog lovers and their dogs. This is just the place to find the perfect gift for your hard-to-buy-for pet loving friends and family. Are you an online shopper? I find that I like my furry companions' input, if only by having them sleep at my feet while I browse the web, avoiding traffic, gasoline consumption and the ever-present holiday crowds.

So what does MANKINDdog™ carry in their product line? Let's get a sneak peek at their Signature Collection right here:
© courtesy MANKINDdog
The Ultimate Gift
for the Dog Lover and the Dog!
I love the way they describe their Signature Collection on their site:
"MANKINDdog's Signature Collection is a treasure of delights designed to celebrate the love, kindness, and bond that exists between Mankind and Dogs. Indulge in a collection of fantastic, select gifts and merchandise for the dog lover and the dog. Celebrate the love, embrace the companionship, and live the bond." 
I'm sure you'll agree that was quite poetic. I'd like to meet their copy-writer. 

Let's move on and introduce you to your raffle prize. Then we'll go over the entry stuff; you know--the 'rules.' MANKINDdog™ is generously offering two prize packages, each valued at a whopping $112:
All Things Dog Blog's Raffle Prize
Here's the inventory for each of the two prizes: 1 MANKINDdog mug, 1 large short-sleeved Tshirt (with their logo), 1 Isola Luce Candle (in the colorful boxes shown above), 2 boxes of organic dog treats (from an assortment shown above), and a hand-crafted dog sculpture by David Voisard, all delivered in a MANKINDdog™ tote bag. Have I got you drooling yet?

Here's all you have to do to get into the All Things Dog Blog raffle drawing:
  1. Visit and peruse their product line. Enjoy a leisurely shopping expedition without crowds or long lines. Why not get a head start on your holiday shopping now?
  2. Make any purchase of $40 or more by November 19th, the cutoff for the raffle drawing. 
  3. Your qualifying order of $40 or more will also get you two free Thank You gifts from MANKINDdog™. They'll be sending you--just as part of this special deal--the following free items: 1 MANKINDdog™ bandana and 1 MANKINDdog™ coffee mug.
  4. Be sure to leave me a comment below or drop me an email, telling me you placed a qualifying order. We'll announce the winner here on November 20th, and you'll be notified by email as well.
  5. Did I mention that you'll enjoy free shipping on all orders, not just those for this raffle! I think you'll agree it's a no-brainer; don't miss this opportunity!
Be the Change on World Animal Day
Now, I'll put out an all call to my fellow bloggers. Are there any bloggers out there that want to help All Things Dog Blog™ and MANKINDdogBe the Change for Animals? With your support, MANKINDdog™ AND All Things Dog Blog™ will each donate $1 per link, up to a $100 maximum each. All Things Dog Blog's donation will go to a local Central Florida rescue that is under enormous recent pressure. A New Beginning has recently taken in 257 Labs for re-homing. MANKINDdog's donation will also be going to a local charity, the Humane Society of Nogales, Arizona--just inside the Mexican border. Both of these organizations will be thrilled to receive our donations, but we need your help!
Be the Change!
$1 per link to our event
 Goes to Pet Charities
Link to this raffle post in a blog post on your site, link to, link to this raffle post on your Facebook page, or link to this post in a Tweet about the raffle. For any of these actions you'll receive a free gift from the folks at MANKINDdog™ for your efforts--a MANKINDdog™ bandana and pen for you and your favorite Fido. There's just one caveat: You'll have to be among the first 100 bloggers to email me or message me that you've gotten involved to help us Be the Change. Don't waste a minute; do it now! Oh, and there's more...

Collecting your 'Thank you' bandana from MANKINDdog™ and All Things Dog Blog™ is as easy as 1-2-3:
  • I'll be sure to thank you by blog name in my blog post for our prize announcement on November 20th. That will get you an incoming link as an additional thanks. We appreciate your support to help us Be the Change for Animals! Finally, feel free to hit that ReTweet button at the top of the post.
  • Again, to qualify, you must: Link to this raffle post in a blog post on your site, link to MANKINDdog™, link to our raffle on your Facebook page, or link to this post in a Tweet about the raffle.
  • Drop me an email at, or message me through FB or Twitter, to let me know what you did to help us Be the Change
Have I given you enough reasons to get involved? Hope so! I'd really like to see your blog's link in our raffle award post. Now, let's go shopping.

Have you visited 5 Minutes for Fido lately? Check out their commentary on this new campaign...

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