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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pup Profiles Coming Soon....

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Big Smile, Please!
 Would you like to see your pup here on the blog? I would too!

Shortly I will begin featuring Pup Profiles of reader's dogs, just for fun. I hope you'll join in. You'll need to send me a photo via email to Please include the following information for your dog's profile:

  1. My Nickname is________________.
  2. The thing I hate most is __________________________________________.
  3. My most embarrassing moment is___________________________________.
  4. My favorite physical activity is______________________________________.
Feel free to have fun with your answers. We'd like to get a sense of your pup's personality behind his adorable face. 

If your Rover is a couch potato, that can certainly be his favorite activity. If his most embarrassing moment is when he had to wear a tutu, we'll all understand. 

Perhaps the thing she hates most is the position of her bed. Oliver, my Papillon, likes to rearrange the position of his bed quite regularly. He'll pull it out of his crate, shake it quite vigorously, and finally lay down in it wherever it sits on the floor--silly boy!

Those of you who have read much of this blog know that Tanner's nickname is Houdini. He's quite the escape artist. Want to read more about Tanner's masterful skills? Check out these posts:
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