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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Dog's Purpose Won by Reader with an Extremely Creative Dog Command

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
(c) Carrie A., reader copyright
Molly Knows
Some Interesting Words

I thought I was close to hearing them all--commands, I mean--but this one really found me laughing: "Dodge Ball", for Molly, means "it's okay to eat now". Go figure! I laughed so hard at this one I had to grab a tissue. Now, that my readers, is a winner!

Congratulations to Carrie A., the owner of Molly, who is the winner of a copy of A Dog's Purpose and a Flying Disc. I hope they will both enjoy many hours of fun with their prizes.
Carrie A. and Molly's prize
Have Fun!
Commenting here ON THE BLOG is going to increasingly become the winner's choice. I see these comments quickly, as they come to my email, as well as appearing on the blog while I work. If you want to win a contest, this will also be your quickest way to enter--faster than sending an email.

Speaking of contests, this coming Friday, October 29, is my Halloween costume contest. I have an independent judge lined up and time is running out. I've received only a few entries this year. I suppose everyone is leaving their costume creations to the last minute. Just don't forget the camera. It's photo op time!

(c) Carrie Boyko
The Mystery Treat Bag
Send your pictures to my email at by Thursday evening. I'll be gracious, stay up late writing, and give you until 8 PM Thursday night. Remember, I have to send all your photos to my judge by email and then get the big decision back for a reasonable post time on Friday morning. Somewhere in between, the judge and I both need to sleep!

Be sure to drop in Friday or Saturday to see who won. Of course, you'll also get to find out what Tanner and Oliver are dressing up as. They're remembering Xena in a very special way this Halloween. Any guesses?

One last point....creativity always counts at All Things Dog Blog. Don't think you need a store-bought costume to win. A simple, yet cleverly executed accessory could take the prize! Here's peek; what do you think is inside?

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Elizabeth said...

Yay for Molly. She sure is cute. Let us know how the book is...I am curious!

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