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Friday, September 17, 2010

Get Doggedly Organized; Win a FREE Calendar!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Thanks to exhibitors at the Blogpaws conference, I have 3 adorable puppy calendars to give away. Can you resist these precious faces? Of course not!

How can you win yours? Comment on this blog post. Yes! It's that simple.

Need help? Here's the instructions:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the post. 
  • Just before the title to the next post you'll find a link to "X Comments". There's a cute little envelope icon just to the right of this link.
  • Click this link and a dialog box will appear.
  • To get your name in the drawing, just tell me why you need a puppy calendar to motivate you to get organized. I can think of 10 reasons! For all you kitten and puppy lovers, take note that the pocket calendar in the lower left of the photo has kittens and puppies in it. 
  • Now click the drop down menu just beneath the dialogue box; it says "Comment As".
  • You can leave your name, subscribe by email (which will remain safely with me...not on the blog), post as anonymous, or leave your name and website URL--your choice. However, if you want to get a calendar, you'll need to make sure I can reach you. Drop me an email if you comment without contact info (i.e. anonymous or 1st name only), so I can notify you if you win. It's
        • I'm putting Oliver in charge of this prize, so he'll be announcing the winner next week on 'Furry Friday. He'll notify you of the winners after the drawing. Be sure to watch your email or check the blogs Friday evening. Remember, Oliver's preferred place to blog is 5 Minutes for Fido, so he's likely to do a switchup and make the announcement there. Good luck!
      Thanks to exhibitors Canine Companions and Dog Breed Store for the calendar donations. Be sure to visit our sponsors, where you will find great info for dog lovers.


      Anonymous said...

      I need the big one please. Can I send my address to your email?

      Anonymous said...

      They're so sweet! I would love a dog calendar to keep me company (and on schedule!) at the office while I think about my puppy waiting for me at home!


      Carrie Boyko said...

      Interesting gmail address, but I see you are a book reviewer, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. What's your latest favorite dog read?

      What kind of puppy do you have?

      oLliEgAtoR said...

      I could really use the big calender because I am a college student, and it would be extremely useful on my wall so that I can write important dates and events on it, so they will be right in my face every morning and I can't possibly forget what is coming up. For example, parents weekend ***hint hint. Or my next Organic Chemistry test!

      I could also decorate it with pictures of my adorable puppies that miss me at home who I miss soo much too =[

      Lea said...

      I'm loving the puppy and kitty one since that is what I have at home. I miss them so much during the workday. Momma watches them for me and is teaching my puppy housetraining.

      Jamie Mathison said...

      Polka dot puppy please? Ihave a full grown Dal that keeps me laughing all the time. He loves the snow in winter. Your facebook page is getting pretty busy and it looks like you will be giving away many prizes. Fun :) I'll send you my address to your email if I win. thanks

      Carrie Boyko said...

      Oh dear! Am I the only one that noticed the largest of the 3 calendars is for 2010?!!! I was supposed to be given a 2011 one, but woops! I'll contact the third person whose name is drawn and we'll work something out. Thanks for your patience with my mistake. Carrie

      Lori M. said...

      Every day should be focused on our 4-legged companions <3 <3 What a great tribute to them.

      I watched "Tanner's Life In Photos". He looks like a lucky dog...& I did not know that they made doggie pacifiers. (:

      Anita said...

      I wont force ya to give me one.. would be nice for the fact its in ENGISH!!!! haaa and sundays are the first day of the week so i'm not confused, and I can wirte my appointements, like my trip to Memphis next May!!! yea!!! cant wait.. I am waiting on some emails from Rescues there, maybe I can adopt a rescue to come home with me!!! cant wait!!! loads of hugs and have a great week ;P

      Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said... you other screen name better! Mistressnovella is a much more family friendly.

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