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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ASK THE VET: Natural Remedies for Doggie Diarrhea

by Pat Bradley, DVM
No Pepto Bismol, Please!

Dear Dr. Pat:

 On and off my dog seems to get into things that she shouldn't and the next thing I know she has diarrhea. My veterinarian always gives me a prescription for a bag of dog food that is very expensive. Can you give me any ideas on natural ways to firm up his little problem when it appears to be nothing more than something he ate? My neighbor says bananas. Really? What do you think?

Thanks Carol M.

P.S. Jagger is a BIG DOG, so I assume he will eat the same volume or amount of food?
Dear Carol:

What’s the cheapest, most effective way to stop Jagger’s diarrhea?  Fast!  Don’t feed him! Especially since Jagger is a BIG DOG and eats a lot, this might be great news!

I can just imagine what some readers are thinking: 

“I tried to fast my dog, Dr. Pat.  I really did. It didn’t turn out to be cheaper at all.  He not only ate through the refrigerator door but he ate our cat. And did you have any idea how much it costs to spend a week in a mental institution?”

But diarrhea in any size dog is no joking matter.  I’ll cover some other options fast that can help with the common diarrhea that results from “dietary indiscretions”  (don’t try this yourself with babies or teeny dogs!)

Lots of clear water and clear broths (home-made organic broth is both way more nutritious and has no chemicals that might be irritating, but canned will do in a pinch.) If Jagger doesn’t respond right away, take him off liquids, too, for at least 12 hours.

Here are some other things you can get from a health food store (or the links below) to use if fasting isn’t practical or you need something else:

Aloe vera liquid  ¼ cup 1-3 times daily depending on the severity of the diarrhea. Serve straight or in the broth.

Slippery elm powder: Give one capsule twice daily in the broth

Nux vomica 6C: Give a couple of pellets twice daily for two days. Dogs usually lick this from your hand, or you can dissolve them in liquid.

When the worst is over, usually 12 to 24 hours, slowly introduce small amounts of easily-digestible foods:

Boiled white rice and hamburger, about half and half, is an easy on the tummy way to reintroduce solid food.  Puree it for even easier digestibility (and keep that blender out – you’ll need it to make Margarita’s later!)

Jagger should be back to normal within a day or two.  If he gets into snacking trouble often, consider getting him a basket-type muzzle to wear on walks.  These allow him to smell and drink, but not to pick up “tasty treats” in the grass. Good luck.


Write to with your question for Dr. Pat.

For a personal consultation about your pet's needs, visit Holistic Veterinary Services.

Dr. Pat's opinion or advice does not replace an actual exam with a veterinarian

Don't forget to stop by 5 Minutes for Fido,where Xena is embarrassed about this whole topic. Her comments are all girl! Thank goodness it isn't her problem.

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Anonymous said...

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Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Thanks for the comment and the information. We'll be interested to learn more. Hope to see you again soon.

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