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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Me and the Dogs have Redecorated....What do you think?

by Carrie Boyko, all rights reserved
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With a little help from a friend, I just posted my new header. I've been itching to do a couple of things to improve my look. A little makeup and grooming here and there--ya know? With a logo, I enter the big leagues. LOL But I wasn't willing to leave out my pack, so here they are--front and center. In case you haven't been introduced, left to right are Oliver, Xena and Tanner.

Oh...and actually, we did have another purpose for being here today. Sure, we wanted to point out our new 'do' to those of you who receive my posts via email or RSS (poor folks who never get to play with the toys in my sidebar  :(  ). With summer coming, I have lots of topics of all sorts planned for you--topics that have been requested by YOU. In addition to our vet and trainer's columns, here's a few things you'll be seeing here in the next couple of months:

  • Planning Your Financial Future: Fido's Likely Life Span
  • Tips for Successful Renting with Doggie Roommates
  • Managing Your Dogs' Care Using Time Management Techniques
  • Spouses and the Dog Breed Choice--How to Make this Decision a Win-Win
  • Managing Your Multi-Dog Household
  • Drop Off Vet Visits: Handle with Care!
  • Choosing a Breed to Match Your Lifestyle
  • Preparing Your Pup for a Life of Happy Vet Visits
  • Want a Calmer Dog? Give Him a Job
  • Your Canine Workout Partner
  • Summer Camp for Dogs? They Really Don't Have to Live in a Kennel.
Shall I go on? Nah! That's enough. I didn't even list the ones I've already written and set up to run. I'm on a treadmill here, like the Eveready Bunny, hopping along, and enjoying every minute. Thanks to you guys for that. Keep reading and commenting. I love hearing from you. Thanks!

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