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Friday, December 11, 2009

Atlanta Airport Unleashed! New Dog Park Opens for Traveling Pups...

Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport 

Opens Dog Park for Traveling Pups

Interesting news out of Atlanta airport--A new dog park opened on airport grounds offers 1000 sq. ft. of fenced area to traveling pets for a run or a call to nature. The dog park is reportedly located in the Ground Transportation center by the passenger terminal.

Reports indicate the park may be used by 2 dogs at a time, giving rise to some concern (including by me) as to how the park will work as it becomes more popular. Granted, there are not huge numbers of flying canines, but they all need a restroom; this is it. No indication has been given in any news I have seen about how, or if, the maximum of two dogs will be monitored. Hopefully, it won't be a problem and owners will work together to give everyone a chance to run off some steam.

According to reports on Pet Peoples Place, the park does provide benches for owners, and is landscaped with flowers for our aesthetic pleasure. With Atlanta having become the hub for many airlines serving the southeast, this dog park will likely be a well-used perk for travelers with small dogs on board.

As for me, if I once again travel with Oliver, I will plan a layover in Atlanta, before flying on to my ultimate destination, giving the little guy a chance to relieve himself and get in a good romp. A tired pup travels better than a wound up one. One tip--bring a ball and plan to play fetch or some game to get your dog running. It will make your flight, and his, a bit smoother.

Happy traveling!

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