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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Adopted Cousin Jacque Makes an Appearance

This is Jacque, my mother's Papillon. When my daughter adopted Oliver, it didn't take long for my mom to fall in love. We had been urging her to bring a puppy home for a companion for years. I guess she just needed to find the right size and energy for her comfort level. Oliver did a good job of showing her what she needed.

We were thrilled to find Jacque available for adoption, when his first owner was unable to keep him. I hope they know he has a comfortable home and a loving owner. Adoption is a wonderful feeling.

This photo was taken during the holidays when it was chilly. Jacque is wearing one of Oliver's jackets, although he has now outgrown it and is bigger than Oliver, by 3 pounds. An 11 pound Papillon is at the top of its weight range, so mom is now monitoring his food and snack intake more carefully. He's still in obedience training so he is getting extra training treats, and that may be the source of those extra pounds.

The next time I post a photo of Jacque he will probably have sprouted into manhood and gotten his plumage, or fluffy tail and mane. I get the impression that my mom can hardly wait. She is so cute when she shows visitors the difference between Oliver's appearance and Jacque's puppy coat. It won't be long, though, til Jacque sprouts his feathers and will look much like Oliver. I particularly love his little white spot on his nose. It may not be considered a beauty mark by breeders, but it is endearing to me.

I'll be back one day with a grown up photo of Jacque, so you can see his new outfit. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from you. Comments are welcome and encouraged.


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