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Monday, February 16, 2009

Photos, Please!

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

Smile for the Camera, Tanner!

I am very excited to show off all of your canine best friends on my blog. I'd like to share their images while playing at America's dog parks. Those of us who worked so hard to get dog parks in our areas enjoy them regularly. It is my passion to share this good green family fun with others. As promised, I am back to fill you in on how you can have your dog's picture appear on my blog. All I ask is that you:
  • Submit photos taken at a dog park or dog play area with other dogs around. Show me your dog, other dogs, AND your dog park.
  • If you submit a photo with people in it, I will crop it to edit out faces, if possible. I CANNOT publish photos of people without their written permission.
  • Give me your dog's name(s).
  • I'll be happy to include your name as his owner, also, if you wish. If you do not specify this, I will not include your name.
  • Include the name of the park and its city and State.
  • Photos must be saved in one of 4 formats: jpeg, gif, bmp, or png. Other formats will not work with my software.
  • Email your photo, as an attachment, to me at

My promise to you is that I will not use your dog's photo for any purpose other than to be viewed on this blog, unless I ask specifically for your permission, and I will not give away or sell your email address. That's it. I just love dogs.

Since this is a brand new blog, your likelihood of getting your dog's photo on the blog soon will be greater if you provide it to me soon. As my readership grows, so too will the pile of photos. IF the response to this offer is great, it could take a long time to display each photo, so don't let any grass grow under your feet. Get to it and fetch those photos!


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