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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dog Park Fun is Good for Everyone

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

Tanner is Greeted at the Dog Park

There simply is nothing better than a good off-leash run at the dog park. For my guys, any dog park will do, just as long as they can be leash-free for a good run.

Each of my 3 has their own social agenda. Tanner is the social butterfly, who knows how to work a party. He makes his 3 or 4 victory laps when we go in, and then settles into a routine of getting around to greeting each and every dog in the park. This group of senior citizens in the photo above were eager to meet the youngster who wouldn't stop running circles around them.

Xena, my 12-year-old retriever mix, could have had a retirement conversation with this bunch, but she was actually quite playful this weekend, and chose to invite Tanner to a wrestling game. They had a good roll in the grass and she was done, except for meeting a few new friends. After that, it was simply a matter of following me around, as I picked up piles around the park. I enjoyed seeing my usual dog park friends, who seem to often visit at the same time as we do--weekend morning dog park romps make for great weekend afternoon naps--for me and the dogs! It was good, also, to bounce an idea about Adopt a Dog Park off on Midas's mom, Sally.

My pack's youngest member, Oliver, a 1 year old Papillon, who heads up this blog, did his usual beagle imitation--nose to the ground. He searched and sniffed nearly every square inch of the park, looking for goodies and anyone who would rub his belly. He found many takers.

So, now you have met my canine family, and you know their favorite activity. It is now your turn to share. I'd love to get your pictures and hear your stories. You can send anything and everything to

Thanks to those of you who have already visited. I was pleasantly surprised to see my visitor count at over 50, when I just launched this blog a few days ago. I haven't even announced it yet. I think I'll spruce it up a bit before I take it public. This is a good start. I hope you'll continue to come along for the ride.


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