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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bow Wow Resort--Hang with the Ruff Crowd!

I used to use pet sitters when I had to leave my dogs at home while I traveled or simply was gone for a very long day. While there are some nice pet sitters out there, my preference was always that my dogs be able to be active and to play with other dogs. A few years ago a friend told me how she solved this problem with her dog, Mahon, by letting him spend the day at a local "Doggie Daycare". I have to say I couldn't envision myself taking my furry best friends to "Daycare", but after I visited, observed, and met the staff, I was sold. No more pet sitters for me. My original concept of daycare was way off.

Now my pups have a new home when I'm on the road, Bow Wow Resort. Located on Highway 436 at Bear Lake Road, I am lucky to have it so close to my home. I've also found it to be the perfect solution when I am having a party or other event at the house. There are times when a bouncy Golden Retriever may not be welcomed by my guests. It's understandable that you may occasionally need a dog-free home for a quiet or more formal event. Holiday parties can be difficult to manage, when your counter-surfing, big dog steals the food and runs wild around the house, sharing his excitement with your appalled guests. I've definitely been there.

If I haven't given you enough reason to check out Bow Wow Resort, I can definitely share more.
  • Safety is the first thing I noticed, as each prospective guest is interviewed with a series of individual greetings with other guests, to evaluate his socialization skills.
  • The facilities are exceptionally clean and the staff, well, let's just say they are the reason I am willing to take my furry family there. My gang feels welcomed and at home each time we arrive.
  • Covered outdoor areas and climate-controlled indoor areas for play are all available for your pup's special needs.
  • The outdoor play yard has various obstacles and play spaces, a splash pool for cooling off on warm days, shade areas and supervised game time. Tanner loves playing fetch with Ashley!
  • Socializing with other dogs is extremely important to canines, who are by nature, pack animals. Doggie daycare provides the opportunity for dogs to socialize and enhance their skills in this area, with supervision to assure that everyone plays nicely. Like me, you may find that your dogs will become better at being friendly playmates in all of their dog encounters, even outside of Bow Wow Resort.
  • Bow Wow's staff of dog lovers will make you feel right at home, always happy to provide whatever assistance or special care your dog may need.
  • Grooming is offered so that your dog can get his new "do" or a bath while he's away from you for the day.
  • Outdoor playtime is not a la carte at Bow Wow. Dogs play freely for the entire morning before retiring for a much needed nap, following lunch. Naps are taken in private rooms; no crates like you find at typical boarding facilities. After naptime, the dogs are again let out to play and explore until you arrive to take them home for the evening.
  • Forgot to bring food for your dog? No problem. They'll provide the food or biscuit treats if you don't bring Fido's special chow from home, and there's no extra charge.
  • Dogs who are boarding will receive their dinner, a rest period, and then once again have an opportunity to follow nature's call at bedtime--around 9 or 9:30.
  • Overnight boarding is available nearly year round, and is quite popular with the dogs. I've talked to many owners who excitedly exclaim, "My dog loves it here!" My pack totally agrees.
  • With a staff of 6, I feel confident that all my dogs will get the attention and supervision that they deserve, while enjoying their play time with friends. I leave them there worry free, able to concentrate on my day without concern for their welfare.
  • Finally, Bow Wow's owner/manager, Julie Fisher, has years of experience in animal training, having previously been a Sea World whale and dolphin trainer for 18 years. If you need assistance with training, Julie is always there to help.
Now I'll let you in on a little secret. After writing all the reasons that I love Bow Wow Resort, I've realized that there is one thing that overshadows them all. When I pick up Tanner, Xena and Oliver, after a day of playtime with their Bow Wow friends, they are satisfied, calm and yet still ready for anything I have planned in the evening. Whether it be an evening walk or an Agility class, my boys are calm enough to listen and participate, but not too tired to enjoy the activity. This is a wonderful balance that makes the small daycare fees I invest very worthwhile. Tanner and Oliver hope to see your dog there real soon.

Tanner loves Zeus!


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