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Let Us Create a Buzz for You!
NOTE: All Things Dog Blog is currently over-committed for product reviews and giveaways. We'll be happy to work with you on advertising or Twitter Parties. Thanks again for your interest. 

Sponsor a Giveaway

Sponsoring a giveaway at All Things Dog Blog is generally tied into a related post. If you offer a giveaway of multiple items, we'll write a post that suits your product and get you some free promotional excitement; we like to call it Internet whoopla! Here's what you'll get out of this opportunity:
  • A full length post will use your product or service as an integral part of the information, including photos. 
  • A giveaway announcement will require readers to enter by interacting with us in various ways, giving you the most promotional exposure. These entry options may include commenting on our post, submitting a pet photo, visiting your website or Facebook page, or Tweeting about the giveaway. 
  • Your giveaway will be listed on numerous sweepstakes/giveaway sites, where pet owners go to learn about free products they may win. This will get you additional exposure.
  • Your giveaway post will be promoted with all the ammunition I have in my arsenal.
  • We will often encourage readers to "Like" your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter, as well as linking to your site in the post.
  • Most giveaway posts include links to various pages on your website, to make it simple and quick for readers to find the information they need about your product or service.
  • A followup post, generally one to two weeks later, that will award the prizes, gives you an additional opportunity to be mentioned, including photography and comments about the readers' reactions to the giveaway.
  • That's a total of 3 blog posts for a giveaway, daily Tweets from our accounts and posting on Facebook and Pinterest, when applicable.
If you are interested in providing a giveaway for promotional reasons, please contact us at with:
  • the product or service (usually by coupon or coupon code) that you are interested in providing,
  • the quantity you plan to make available,
  • information about your product or service,
  • and any questions you have.
We'll be back in touch quickly with further details. Now, would you like to take it one step beyond a giveaway? A product review offers my readers more than simply a freebie. They get a chance to learn more about the features of your product that do not meet the eye. My testers, Tanner and Oliver, will use and offer feedback regarding the products benefits. I highly recommend a review to go along with a giveaway.

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