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Friday, July 25, 2014

Winners! Instagram
Guessing Game for Dog Treats!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

On a whim last week I tossed in a #Good Buddy giveaway with an Instagram post. Tanner was busy having himself a Fetch game that was more fun that life itself. We have an advanced version of Fetch that requires Tanner to retrieve multiple toys from the swimming pool before any additional ones can be tossed in. The rules may sound beyond your average dog, but Tanner figured it out fairly quickly after discovering that I was not going to toss until he retrieved. And retrieve he did!

Now that Tanner has successfully retrieved as many as 12 toys from the pool without a single additional toss, he'll soon be moving up to the next level of this advanced game--13 toy Fetch! I hope you'll get behind him and give him some encouragement. This isn't easy for a toy-crazed, water-loving Retriever. He has trouble deciding which toy to bring to the pool edge first, so many a toy gets dropped before any make it to land. It is quite entertaining to watch him as he picks up and then drops multiple toys before finally getting one toy to the side. And often, that very toy ends up back in the drink. Silly dog!

Some of you are probably wondering what the answer to the Instagram question is: "How many Fetch toys does Tanner have?" I pulled them all out of toy baskets in various locations--at least I think I have them all--and started to count. I knew there were more than 18 but was surprised to see how close I had come in my estimate--19! Wow!

I'll admit that many of these toys only get tossed in occasionally, being that their condition is quite tentative and I worry we'll be having a funeral soon. We've all but planned one for Firefly, but Tanner is having none of it. This is one of his favorite toys, and for good reasons. It's soft, light, squishy and fun. What's not to love, right?!!!

I got to wondering how long Tanner has had this toy. Surprisingly it has held up quite well for a fabric toy. Who knew that this toy has lasted 3 1/2 years of daily fetch play. That's nothing short of amazing. I guess a funeral will be due when the toy finally kicks the bucket. We'll keep you posted. Who wants to step up for a eulogy?

Now it's time to announce the winning guesser, the first person to guess the number of Fetch toys that Tanner has. The correct answer is currently 19, giving the winning entry to @jjmentos of Instagram. I'll be in touch, but if you see this, please email me your address at Congratulations!

Thank you all for playing, and watch for another game soon.

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The @CastorPolluxPet treats were provided by my advertiser, Castor and Pollux Pet. No compensation was received for running this IG giveaway, but CP is my primary advertiser.


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