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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dog Walks in Summer Heat

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Summer heat has hit us here in Florida with a vengeance. The humidity and thunderstorms are on track to set some sort of record. That said, Tanner has absolutely no intention of giving up his daily swim. He'd sooner swim in a thunderstorm than miss this part of his routine. 

The looks I get when I have to tell him he can't swim could just about get me reported to family services. Surely he must be an abused dog! 

And Oliver, well, let's just say he's extremely frustrated by my recent swaying from work to hit the Colorado mountains for some hiking. While packing to head out, he led me back to our office several times each day in an effort to remind me that I've got a job to do. He's very determined!

So you've got the picture now. My boys have opposite problems to deal with when it comes to this time of year. Oliver get his "walks" and mental stimulation when he accompanies me on errands, shopping and appointments. He's my Velcro dog--stuck to me at the hip as all good service dogs should be. It's all good; he loves, loves, loves being at my side no matter where we go. Last week's trip to the hazmat facility was great fun for him. Go figure!

Tanner, on the other hand, wants physical activity and enjoys mental activity that includes physical activity--training, tricks, puzzle toys and lots of socialization. The latter is where Tanner and Oliver's preferences cross. They both love to meet and greet new people. What could be more fun!

So, with all that lead up, you're probably wondering what the heck the title had to do with any of this. I'm actually going somewhere with it. One of our favorite things to do that includes both dogs is to visit one of our pet superstores. There are several in the area and these stores are brimming with pet owners and their dogs on weekends. It's a great time to take a climate-controlled walk (10+ laps around the interior perimeter of the store that won't leave me sweating) while stopping here and there to make a new friend or sniff an old one to catch up on the news. What a great way to bond :)

PetSmart, Petco, and Pet Supermarket all encourage owners to bring their friendly pets 
along for a little exploration and some socialization. We'll be heading off shortly to deliver our #PetCharityDonations prizes to our local Petfinder rescue, having an adoption day at PetSmart. These trips are good for our furry best friends, just as they are for us. We practice our proper socializing and our good manners. And what's more, socialization helps us bond with our dogs in many ways. Choose an indoor walk when it's raining, freezing, boiling or you just want to meet some of the neighbors. It's great fun!

Finally, check out some other ideas I posted previously at this article on keeping your dog cool during your walk.
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