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Friday, April 25, 2014

Pet Supplements Never Tasted So Good!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Pumpkin Ultrablend Makes a Perfect Kibble Dressing
Tanner and Oliver have always enjoyed frozen fillings in their Kongs and other stuffable toys. What's more, these tasty treat-filled toys make them use their problem-solving skills to get the yummies out. Now, thanks to our friends at Castor and Pollux, you can give your dog a fruit- and veggie-filled, vitamin-packed brain teaser to occupy him while you're busy, or simply to nourish his health.
Topper Was Devoured First!

Hot out of the Castor and Pollux kitchens, these Natural Ultramix canned supplements come in two mouth-watering flavors that Fido is sure to love: Pumpkin and Sweet Potato. Both are packed with lots of healthy fiber. Based on the ingredient list, you'll also be providing your pet--woof and meow--a healthy dose of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. When you check out the ingredients, you'll find absolutely nothing that confounds you. Your 2nd grader can probably read the list: Organic brown rice, bananas, carrots, peas, cranberries, and cinnamon. Add the named ingredient to the top of the list and you've got a winner for sure!

This easy-to-serve food is intended for occasional or supplemental feeding. Castor and Pollux's Natural Ultramix recommends that you replace no more than 10% of your pet's meal with either the Real Pumpkin Ultrablend or the Real Sweet Potato Ultrablend.  With 5% fiber inside this yummy supplement, your dog's daily constitution is bound to be--well--unbound! Think of it as Activia for your dog!
Many Ways to Serve Ultrablend Supplement

But there's more. Fiber plays an important part in a healthy digestion, as you all know. However, it also helps to clean Fido's intestinal tract moving out toxins along with the, well, you know.... That's good news for your dog, and a powerful and proactive cancer-preventor. We highly recommend you offer your dog a high fiber snack on a regular basis. Tanner and Oliver have some ideas on how to enjoy this supplement.

I let the boys pick out their favorite stuffable toys. Oliver is showing them off at left. Then I grabbed the bone-shaped ice cube tray and now we've got a place to put that whole can of Pumpkin Ultrablend that we just opened, making sure it doesn't spoil if forgotten in the fridge. 

Ready for the Freezer
Keeping in mind the 10% guideline, add kibble, treats and Ultrablend to the empty compartments of your dog's fillables--Kong, ice cube trays and other such safe and fun ways to keep Fido busy. Freeze and empty into a resealable container for easy storage and serving.

Note that in the filled stuffables below, I added a Jerky Chip Cookie to a couple of the toys, making these into extra special treats. My dogs never turn down #ASmartCookie.

Whenever you'd like to offer your dog a healthy treat that's also a brain puzzle, give him one of these frozen yummies to put him to work. He'll have to chisel out the icy goodness, but will enjoy every minute of this task. I never get a single complaint, and this is a terrific way to assure your pup is out of the way when company comes, you have an important phone call, or maybe you just want a few minutes to bask in the tub alone. 

What your dog will probably never know is that while he is having all that fun, he'll be nourishing himself for a happy tummy. You can be happy too. Join Event Barkers for the #OrganicPet Twitter Party, where we'll be dishing up facts about organic food and lots of great prizes, including this yummy supplement. Mark your calendar for May 8 and be sure to enter the pre-party giveaways, where you could win a $70 prize-pack without even attending!

Here's to your dog's happy tummy too,

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Event Barkers is producing this Twitter Party on behalf of Castor and Pollux, their client.  As my primary advertiser, I am providing my services for this Twitter Party gratis. Reviews and information shared here comes completely from our own research and opinions.


Shawncowwen said...

Pets love eating new food. My pet loves cookies.

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