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Monday, April 14, 2014

#OrganicPet Twitter Party Serves Up
Healthy Facts, Prizes and Fun

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Event Barkers is proud to announce our very first Twitter Party featuring an organic pet food maker. Please mark your calendar to join us on May 4 at 8 PM for this very special, one-hour event. Castor and Pollux has long been a standout in this space and they now have some very exciting new products that we have the pleasure of sharing details on--coming up. This party will be all about consumer education, with prizes that include treats, food, and yummy wholefood supplements for your pups. Grab a rag because your dog will be salivating to beat the band!

Here's what you can expect to get the deets on when you join us for #OrganicPet:

  • Learn about a new technology that allows Castor and Pollux to pressure cook bones to a soft, safe, and nutritious addition to your dog's stew. Meet Butcher and Bushel!
  • Yes! Jerky can be safe when born and bred in the good ole USA. Join us to find out how your dog can enjoy Jerky Chip Cookies without the worry. #USAmade #Organic
  • Love to treat your dog with a yummy topping on his kibble? We've got sweet potato and pumpkin toppers that have all sorts of other great uses. Totally awesome supplements for Fido's tummy. Come to #OrganicPet to learn more.
  • Want to understand the basics of organic food? We've got it covered. Join us May 4 to get the facts and talk to the experts.
Prizes? Yup! Ten winners will score all of the above products plus a bag of Castor and Pollux organic kibble. Isn't it time you gave Fido a chance to be an #OrganicPet? Of course it is! You can get started right now with the first three prize entries that will not require your attendance at the party:
  1. RSVP using the Giveaway Tools widget at the bottom of the post. If it's snoozing out of sight, simply click on the post title to awaken it for duty. :)
  2. PreTweet to help us get the word out. You'll find a few pre-written Tweets in the Giveaway Tools widget or simply Tweet about the party using the #OrganicPet hashtag and this link:
  3. Our Social Media Giveaway includes any or all entries in the Giveaway Tools widget including those which help you find their social media accounts. You need only enter once to be included in the drawing, but more participation can increase your chances. Remember to keep it fun and only use those entry methods that you love to join in for.
Prizes for these and other Twitter Party winners will be valued at a total of $750 and include 4 bags of #ASmartCookie Jerky Chip Cookies by Organix, Butcher and Bushel premium canned foods, Organix kibble (watch for the grain free version for the first three winners), and the new, super yummy whole food supplement that includes either pumpkin or sweet potato. More on our ideas for using this to come. 
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More details on prizes, products, sponsor info, party activities, and expert introductions. If you'd like some tips on navigating Twitter Parties, please visit my left sidebar for Twitter Party 101 help. 

Here's to your #OrganicPet,

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Event Barkers is producing this Twitter Party on behalf of Castor and Pollux, their client.  As my primary advertiser, I am providing my services for this Twitter Party gratis.

Prizes will be provided and shipped by the sponsor. 


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a great opportunity to win lots of great prizes and also to ask the brands questions. My dog got to try the ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies, and he of course loved them. I'm also interested in the company's dog and cat food as an option for my three pets.

Unknown said...

We love Castor & Pollux Organix! We love your freebies too :D
8pm - what time zone?

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Maggie Smith: You'll notice the time zone is on the Green badge. The party will open promptly at 8 PM ET and close at 9 PM ET with the announcement of the Grand Prize. To win prizes, you'll want to be actively participating in party discussion. Hope to see you there on May 4.

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