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Monday, April 7, 2014

All Things Dog Blog Bringing You More

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Bonding with My Dogs
This New Year has found me in many a thoughtful moment. Years ago when I published a book of college commencement addresses given by notable Americans, I held tight to one quote by Cathy Guisewite, the author/illustrator of the famous comic strip, Cathy:
"Let yourself regraduate
every 4 years"
I now find myself at that 5 year point where it may be time for an overhaul. No, I'm not going to really change who I am, but I may be allowing a little more of myself to peek out. 

One way that you'll notice this is by my creation of a series of Doga videos. I'd like to ask your thoughts on this. Comments please!

As my readers, your opinions are of the utmost importance. I value what you think far more than any awards received from blogging groups or even the paychecks that come from pet brands when I provide services like Twitter Parties. After all, without you, there would be no Twitter Party.

I have worked for myself since I was in my mid-twenties, nearly all of my adult life. Each chapter has been a fun, new challenge that I welcome with excitement. Doing something new has long been the wind under my wings. The question I am now asking myself is "Where will my next flight take me?" 

With the addition of an RV to allow our family to travel with our dogs more easily and comfortably, I am learning to make this form of travel much more green than I ever thought possible. Sometimes when I discover a new way that I can save the environment by vacationing in the RV, I ask myself, "Who knew?" Usually the answer is "Not me!" This is one angle that I plan to add to future postings, while definitely not a whole new chapter for All Things Dog Blog. 

In an effort to maintain my health, strength and flexibility, I have been adding more Yoga to my otherwise normal routine of dog walks, conditioning workouts and hand weights. At my age, it seems things take longer to recover, so I'm finding that working on flexibility helps to relax muscles and aid in a better night's sleep.
Bonding Time with Tanner and Oliver
Beyond my own personal benefits, my relationship with my dogs has grown through this 
time we spend together. They linger, watch, lay down on the mat and sometimes even allow me to use them in my workout in some way. One day as I tetered in the Airplane Pose, Tanner stood steady as I placed a hand on his back for balance. He seemed to know that I needed his assistance and remained still until I was finished. 

Oliver joins me in my arms or on my lap occasionally and will often get between my legs gazing up wondering what this nonsense is all about. Or maybe he's just getting closer to better evaluate my scent. He is, after all, an Alert dog whose job is to notice changes in my scent. I'm sure the day will come when he'll alert me during a workout. But I digress.

As I work toward regraduating All Things Dog Blog, bringing you new and different ways to enjoy life with your dog, I hope that you will offer your thoughts, opinions and suggestions. I appreciate your feedback more than you know.

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PS:  You'll easily find the page of Doga video links by clicking on the "Your Dog" option in the menu. Enjoy!


The Diamond Dogs said...

Yoga is incredible! I need to get back into it for sure-it always made me feel so much more relaxed, energetic, flexible, and strong. I'll be developing a weekly workout plan and Yoga (maybe Doga too!) will definitely be included. The doga videos and posts have been enjoyable and it's a great idea to incorporate dogs in with Yoga!

Happy Stevens said...

What your normal routine of dog walks? How many hours do you usually take a walk? I have a dog but I find it very difficult to take care of her with y busy schedule.

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