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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mutt Monday Vine + Instagram Tips

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
My First Few Instagram Efforts
A few years ago I would have told you I had no interest in learning how to use a camera. My eyes glaze over when photographers talk about aperture settings. That's all still true. I'm a point and click kinda gal. 

But with all the new devices and apps available, it's so easy to capture those special moments just when they are happening. Like the middle pic up there; I snapped it using Instagram just as Tanner was dozing off while we were trucking down I-95 on a road trip to the beach. In case you were wondering; NO, I wasn't driving!

Just retelling you about the beach trip brings back memories and that's what photography is all about. I'm hooked now. I'm addicted to Vine, Instagram, my Canon and my iPhone. This past weekend I finally played with Instagram beyond the point of taking a shot. It was fun! There are so many options, yet not too many.

Today's Mutt Monday is geared to offer tips for taking photos and using Vine or Instagram. Help me get more bloggers to link up and share their great ideas. I'm no master at this. Somebody please shoot Paris and Brett Chisholm each a Tweet and ask for more posts! Here's some help:
Next week I'm going a little goofy again with themes. I talk about it much here, but I actually have a couple of other blogs. While they're mostly ignored since this one has taken off better than they did, it's time to share the news. Open the closet and let you see my dirty laundry. I'm inviting other bloggers who have multiple blogs to join me. Let's fill in the blank:

"My Other Blog is (fill in the blank however you choose)"

At the risk of tossing out too many requests, I'm doing it again. Please hit the RT button and let your blogger friends and followers know we're looking for their confessions. Tell us about your other blogs!
Thanks much and feel free to leave your questions about Vine and Instagram in the comments section. I'll do my best to get you some answers.

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