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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Fifth Paw Carries Your Pup's Deposit

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Let's Go Test the Fifth Paw
First impressions often are not accurate. But today's review of The Fifth Paw carried a positive first impression that was amazingly on target. Stephen Longo innovated and patented this creative device--made in the USA--that allows you to walk your dog without carrying his poop bag full of, well you know what! I was thrilled to receive a box of these terrific products to try out and offer in a giveaway to you. Watch for this event soon.
Oliver Checks Out a
Neighborhood Cat on Our Return

Let's move on to share my impressions of this product. Wow! First of all, what a super cool idea. Who wants to carry their dog's poop bag once it is full? No one!  How many times have I met someone on my walk and had to pull back from a handshake because my hand was carrying a poop bag. That would not have been a welcome introduction.

Stephen shared with me some tips on using The Fifth Paw with narrower leashes like Oliver's and wider ones like Tanner's. The Fifth Paw fits on both of the typical 1/2 inch and 1 inch-sized leashes nicely, staying in place. I love that The Fifth Paw includes a slot specifically for thinner, one-ply and thicker, two-ply leashes. Stephen thought of almost everything. I now would love to have one for each dog! 
Run Mom! Cats Swat Noses
However, as I tested out both I made one discovery that you'll want to note if you opt to purchase one or enter to win one in my giveaway. Tanner's leash--a 1-inch version--has a snap attachment in the handle and a wider-than-normal, swivel hook on the end that attaches to his collar or harness. As it turned out, neither end would allow the locking ring section of The Fifth Paw to be slipped over the end hardware.

Most leashes do not have the heavy-duty hooks or clips and snap connectors that Tanner's leash has, so yours will likely work. I just recommend you check it out before purchasing. My guess is 90% of the leashes out there will work with The Fifth Paw, and that's great news for dog walkers.

When I took The Fifth Paw apart to attach it, I quickly realized that I was lost. Which way do they go back together? No worries; the directions are on the back of the package--clearly! A simple diagram shows the order of attachment and makes the process super easy. You can watch this short video to see just how clear the attachment is:

Now that you've viewed the quick video demonstration, you can see that the center piece that holds the bags also rotates to allow gravity to carry the doodie downward.
Nice Clean Hands After the Walk
With 3 points at which you can attach a poop bag multiple bags can be carried with 1 Fifth Paw. Pretty slick!

My last question for myself was would this contraption be too heavy for Oliver once a used bag was attached. Keep in mind that Oliver only weighs 10 pounds and has the small bone structure of a typical Papillon. No worries though. Oliver didn't even notice The Fifth Paw. This tool passed its final test and we give it two paws up.

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The Fifth Paw provided me with a box of samples to review and give away. I have not been compensated for this review. I learn from these reviews as I share my discoveries with you, and I hope you do too.


To Dog With Love said...

Very cool and great review!
Your pals,
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