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Friday, September 6, 2013

Pet First Aid on Hikes

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
A Nice Day for a Walk
Today we're having an unusually nice spell of not-so-hot weather in central Florida. Hooray! This is a great day to take a longer hike, allowing Tanner to follow the scents and enjoy the sounds of nature. He especially loves it when he picks up the scent of a critter. What fun!
Living on lakefront near a State Park and adjacent to a protected wildlife area, there are plenty of natural hazards. Tanner has had a few injuries on our adventures, some requiring medical attention and others simply needing a good cleaning and a wrap to allow them to stay clean while healing. Dr. Emmo's Wound Wash and Wound Care Gel are exactly what you'll need if Fido cuts a paw pad or gets a nasty scrape while exploring in the underbrush. 

I'm so pleased to have a travel pack of these products that clips to his backpack, allowing us to take them along whenever we're headed to the woods or going camping. Being prepared is tantamount to reducing the affect of an injury both on your day's plans as well as your dog's health, and the prospect of healing quickly. 

I particularly like that Dr. Emmo's products are safe to lick and won't sting sensitive eyes. For a limited time, you can get a free travel set with a carabiner like ours at this link; you just pay $3 for shipping and this supply will last you a very long time!
courtesy Healer's Pet Care

We all know that dogs tend to lick their wounds. Once you've washed the area and applied the Wound Care Gel, you may want to cover it with sterile gauze and a wrap. We like the washable, reusable, velcro-strapped version made by Healer's Pet Care. It's the perfect complement to your Dr. Emmo's 2-step wound care plan. Watch for these in our prize packages at #Pet1stAid.

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