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Monday, September 9, 2013

Learn #Pet1stAid & Win

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
So you've decided you'd like to learn more about pet first aid. You'd like to ask Arden Moore some questions and hear her tips for caring for your pet when sick or injured. That's the primary reason you'll come to the #Pet1stAid Twitter Party, but there's even more.

Arden is an animal behavior consultant, master certified pet first aid instructor, author of 24 pet books, and host of the Oh Behave Show on She shares her home with 2 dogs and 2 cats and shares more on Four Legged Life.

Arden and the Event Barkers team will be dishing all sorts of first aid and preparedness tips to help you ready your pets for any type of disaster. We hope you'll have questions too! Arden will answer some during the party and those that are more complicated will be handled on the Dr. Emmo's Facebook page soon thereafter.
courtesy Arden Moore

While you're busy hobnobbing with other Tweeps and reading @ArdenKnowsPets' helpful info, you'll also be eligible to win great prize packages during #Pet1stAid. All that you see above will be given away in the party in multiples, plus a $100 gift card that you can spend however you'd like. Let's review the prizes.

Dr. Emmo's first aid solutions are sponsoring this event and will be included in each of the prize packages. Learn more about their products at additional articles here and on and In addition, winners can receive other products pictured above that are perfect for first aid and evacuation kits:

The Gamma2 Travel-tainer you see above is an airtight food container with 2 large bowls attached--perfect for weekenders for a few days of evacuation. Read more at this link.

Your pets' wounds may need bandaging like the Shepherd in the image above, and that's where Healer's Pet Care comes in. This unique bandage resists slipping, is washable and reusable, and closes with Velcro. Check it out at the link.

Finally, if your pet is anxious during storms or evacuation, he's normal. This is a time of great emotions and worry; they do tend to soak this energy up from us. Give your pet a piece of your clothing with your scent on it, and you'll find that he'll often relax a bit with the comfort of your scent close by. You can do this without worry by placing the clothing inside the Scents of Security toy made by the Petlinks System. Your kitty or pup can snuggle with this in their bed and feel a bit more confident that you're nearby. Check them out on Facebook; they're new members!

In addition to all this, our Grand Prize winner at the end of the evening will grab a $100 "Emergency Fund" gift card to spend anywhere needed. We look forward to seeing you at #Pet1stAid. Be sure to join us early and check in with a hello to your hosts: @AllThingsDog, @DogTipper and @EventBarkers.

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