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Friday, August 30, 2013

Grooming a Bond with Fido

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Whenever I return from traveling I try to take some time to groom the dogs. It's a nice homecoming activity that draws us closer and helps them realize that I'm always going to be back to take care of them. Tanner, my outdoorsman, always needs to have his ears cleaned. He seems to find dirt, leaves, and debris of all sorts in his adventures at boarding, the dog park and even in our yard.

Last week when I arrived home from Barkworld, Tanner and Jacque had been spending time with hubby and my daughter while I was away. It was clear who ruled the roost--Jacque! Both boys needed a good brushing, a shampoo and a nice, soothing ear cleaning with Dr. Emmo's Ear Rinse

With the help of a friend, I've got photos to share of Tanner's experience. You can see that taking care of him is definitely an activity that both of us find pleasurable. More importantly, though, it's also good for his overall health to maintain all systems in clean, working order. 

The simple steps are outlined above. Just keep in mind that Fido will be infinitely more agreeable to the rinse when you approach his ears from behind, in order to swish the fluid inside--nice and cool. 

Bathing your dog helps you locate any ticks that may have decided your dog is a nice meal ticket, while keeping his ears clean reduces the possibility for infection, bacterial or fungal. Be sure to start with a visual check of each ear, looking for any boarders that may have latched on. 

If your dog has drainage or goopy eyes, allergies may be at work on your friend--your signal that he requires an eye wash as well. Watch for our eye wash examples coming soon. 

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